Announcing new Active Infrastructure platform capabilities for SAP Workloads: Dell helps customers generate new business insights

Dell is committed to helping customers turn the proliferation of data into a competitive advantage.  We offer pre-integrated systems and services that speed deployment and reduce time to value for running SAP HANA workloads.  And, today we’re pleased to announce that the Dell Active Infrastructure family for SAP HANA is validated to run SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.  We’ve also made significant updates to our solutions and services to make it even easier for customers to deploy and run SAP workloads.

SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA

Companies rely on SAP HANA to analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in seconds.  In fact, it’s completely changed the way businesses interact with information.  SAP recently rolled out this technology to its core enterprise applications – SAP Business Suite.  Companies will now be able to unify analytics and transactions in a single in-memory platform.

The Dell PowerEdge R910 single server appliance is one of the first four-socket rack servers to receive SAP validation. 

SAP Business Suite for HANA enables a new generation of systems that unite business analytics and transactions on a single in-memory platform.  As this capability is new to the market, many early adopters want to test Business Suite for HANA on high performing servers that feature built-in reliability and scalability for mission-critical applications.  But, these early adopters may not need or want the expense and scale of an 8-socket server.  With the Dell PowerEdge server, customers can economically test their Business Suite applications on a 4 socket, 1TB RAM server platform, without being forced to incur the expense of a much larger system for testing purposes.

Dell solutions for SAP HANA updated with new functionality

We’re also excited to announce that Dell Solutions for HANA, part of Dell’s Active Infrastructure offerings, have the following new features: 

  • Disaster recovery—Dell scale-out solutions have been approved to support the SAP HANA software suite’s Synchronous Replication functionality, providing a remote disaster recovery capability for any size SAP HANA system. Synchronous Replication fully mirrors the operations of the SAP HANA system to another platform in a remote location.  This ensures that our customers’ SAP HANA operations provide not only business continuity, but also the capacity to withstand a disaster that could cripple their main data center capability.
  • SAP HANA virtualized—Dell customers now have the option to run their development and test environments in a virtualized instance of SAP HANA.  Using SAP HANA virtualized on the VMware VSphere 5.1 virtualization environment, customers can deploy multiple virtual machines on a single server SAP HANA platform, providing TCO reductions in their development infrastructure, and simplified deployment for projects and testing. 
  • Increased modular scalability—In January, we announced 1, 2 and 4 terabyte configurations in our new scale-out solutions and, today, we’re pleased to announce that our innovative design allows for incremental, non-disruptive growth from 1 to 8 terabytes, in increments as small as 512GB.  This gives customers the ability buy exactly what they need today, with the confidence that their infrastructure can keep pace as their needs increase.

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New SAP HANA rapid deployment solutions from Dell

As a fully SAP-certified partner, Dell Services offers many rapid-deployment solutions that are designed to help customers address their specific business challenges, and get them up and running quickly.  Each rapid deployment solution contains software, best practices content (tools, templates, etc.), enablement, and Dell SAP consulting services.  The latest Dell offerings include:

  • Dell Implementation Services for SAP HANA Operational Reporting Rapid Deployment Solution: Helps customers generate reports on millions of ERP records and operational data with more power, speed and efficiency. 
  • Dell Implementation Services for SAP HANA Profitability Analysis Rapid Deployment Solution:  Organizations can conduct instant profitability data analysis at any level of granularity, aggregation and dimension for better decision making across the company. 

More information on Dell’s rapid-deployment solutions can be found at

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Dell is excited to be showcasing all of our new solutions for SAP workloads at SAPPHIRE NOW.  If you’re attending SAPPHIRE, be sure to check us out at Booth #2606.

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