Another First – Dell Precision M6500 17” Mobile Workstation Now Available with 32GB

 Dell has been laser-focused on designing innovation into our products that solve actual problems for our customers since the beginning. A little known fact about Dell’s innovation in the workstation market is that we created the mobile workstation category in 2001 by designing the first ever mobile workstation, the 14 inch Dell Precision M20. Dell engineers ventured into unchartered territory by taking a notebook and integrating high performance OpenGL mobile graphics, drivers, etc. and certifying it with top software applications through our key ISV partners, forever changing the way engineering, creative and other professionals work.

Since then, Dell Precision has continued to lead the mobile workstation market in firsts. Not only is the Dell Precision M6500 the world’s most powerful 17” mobile workstation but it was the first to offer Intel’s mobile Core i7 technology, the first to support DDR3 1600MHz memory and the first Microsoft Windows based notebook designed to meet Avid DigiDesign Pro Tools LE 8.0 Tier 1 certification requirements.

Nine years from the launch of the first mobile workstation, Dell refuses to rest on its laurels and is offering another industry first – 32 GB of system memory in the Dell Precision M6500. It is the first 17” mobile workstation with Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor and Nvidia Quadro FX 3800M graphics solution available with this massive amount of memory. We are also pleased to announce the M6500’s little brother, the Dell Precision M4500, is now available with 16GB of memory.

This expanded memory enables mobile workstation professionals to reach unlimited power as well as manage and view massive amounts of data while working remotely. Our oil and gas customers, who currently use 16GB of memory on the Dell Precision M6500, will be pleased to learn we are now the first to offer 32GB of system memory. They can now review larger slices of the earth to find oil, enabling faster and more accurate drilling to find oil and gas reserves. They will also be able to run bigger models or run several realizations of same mid-size model at the same time. In addition, the portability of the M6500 enables them to easily carry the system with them between oil derricks and render data on site.

Other customers that will benefit from the expanded memory footprint are those utilizing Computer Aided Engineering applications such as Ansys Workbench and Ansys Fluent. CAD/CAM engineering customers who work with fluid dynamics will be able to load larger data sets in memory which will greatly improve their work time. Jobs that took multiple hours to complete can now be done in fractions of the time.

We are pleased to deliver these enhanced features as a result of customer feedback and we believe our ability to deliver on their demands is what keeps us on top as the leading workstation provider.

Stay tuned for more exciting advancements and updates to our Dell Precision workstation line this summer!

About the Author: Mano Gialusis