Answering Your Top Services Questions at Dell Technologies World

Discover our top recommendations for getting connected with the services expertise you need at Dell Technologies World.

We already know that IT leaders tap into services for a strategic edge. And there are a lot of solutions to consider depending on your unique priorities and requirements. Our advanced technologies and highly trained experts deliver strategic guidance and proven practical skills to improve IT value and efficiency from a single PC across your entire ecosystem.

Dell Technologies World presents a path from the most burning questions and challenges in your business to finding solutions. We’ve compiled a few of those top customer questions with our recommendations.

Register here and bookmark this blog as your guide to services at Dell Technologies World May 2-5, 2022 in Las Vegas, and online, where you can access digital sessions and interactive resources.

How can my business support internal and external stakeholder experiences with better data management and automation?

Take Back Your Day: Avoid Costly Disruptions with Proactive Enterprise Services Technology shows you how to achieve the best service and overall experience with support technology and less effort through automation tools in your enterprise environment. Session ID: 1410P. In-person.

Use Intelligent Services to Connect Data Silos and Tame IT Landscape Sprawl dives into the new age of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, discussing data challenges and how to keep your business poised for the future of data management. Session ID: 1402B. In person & online.

Maximize your PowerEdge Servers with Dell Technologies Services explores how we can help enhance the life of your servers from configuration to recycling, running securely and optimally at every step in-between. Session ID: 9912D. Online.

What cybersecurity threats should we be managing and how do I keep my environment secure as these evolve?

Threat Monitoring and Detection: The Core Capabilities You Need to Secure Your Organization illuminates the path to securing your IT environment with advanced monitoring and around the clock operations support. Session ID: 1403D. Online.

Have Your Cybersecurity Strategy at the Ready features an expert panel covering how we help companies detect threats and recover after an attack.
Session ID: 1404P. In person.

How do I build the cloud that works for my business needs?

Ask the Experts, The Art of the Possible: Bolstering IT delivered services in a Multi-Cloud environment facilitates a conversation with experts on utilizing automation to drive infrastructure-as-a-service; how infrastructure-as-code (IaC) can enhance quality control with CI/CD pipelines; automating security compliance and integrating with Service-Now. Session ID: ATE-26. In person.

Birds of a Feather, Deliver Multi-Cloud Experiences: Understand and measure desired outcomes to ensure your cloud delivers what stakeholders actually want facilitates a discussion on trending topics and solutions among peers in a roundtable format. Session ID: BOF-12. In person.

Build the Cloud Your Business Needs: Multi-Cloud Adoption Framework taps into the Dell Technologies Multi-Cloud Adoption Framework and shows how it was designed to meet the needs of your clouds. Session ID: 1405P. In person.

How can I accelerate my transition into cloud experiences delivered as a service with APEX?

Maximizing Your APEX Experience with the APEX Customer Success Manager gives unique insight into a “day in the life” of an APEX Customer Service Manager and how they provide a worry-free experience. Session ID: 1119P. In person.

Extend Your APEX Solution across the Enterprise with Professional Services explores opportunities to help you extend the flexibility of your APEX Cloud Services. Session ID: 1101B. In person & online.

Cyber Recovery as-a-Service: Gain Recovery Confidence with the “Three I’s” provides a deep dive on the “Three I’s”- Isolated Vault, Intelligent ML Based Analysis, Immutable Infrastructure, and how together as a service, they can assist with cyberattack recovery. Session ID 1113P. In person.

Simplify Consumption of Applications and Data with New Managed Services features panelists demonstrating how to implement different use cases with new managed services that extend simplicity and agility. Session ID: 1123P. In person.

How can my business create an environment that promotes productivity and collaboration anywhere, anytime with cutting-edge technology?

Diagnose and Resolve Issues Faster, from Anywhere with Adaptive, Modernized Support walks you through our latest in modernized support, AI-enabled Virtual Agent (VA) and Augmented Reality (AR). Session ID: 1407P. In person.

Modernize IT Insights: The Ticket to Happy, Productive End-Users uncovers how to combat downtime with intelligent support and explore real-world modernized workflows that will transform end-user experiences. Session ID: 1401B. In person & online.

Modern Provisioning: Ready-to-Work Devices in Minutes unpacks how Connected Provisioning can support a more productive workforce, with no IT touch within minutes. Session ID: 1409P. In person.

Drive Modern Infrastructure with Modern Services tackles how businesses can keep up with new challenges in the cloud, the core and at the edge on the next evolution of our services technologies, designed for today’s data driven world. Session ID: 1408P. In person.

Create IT Efficiencies through End-User Device Lifecycle Management explores how lifecycle management outcomes can boost the employee experience through the unavoidable challenges, with firsthand successes from our customers. Session ID: 1406P. In person.

How can I access the training and skills required to make my team stronger than ever?

Become a Proven Professional with Education Services, which offers certification exams at no cost for Dell Technologies World in-person attendees.

Hands on and Interactive Labs are offered with options for all levels both in person and online to test-drive and gain deeper knowledge on tools that maximize your technology investment.

Dell Imaging Lab: Test Drive Dell ImageAssist and Create Custom Cross-Platform Images. Lab ID: ITD-1401.

Accelerate Device Set-Up with Connected Provisioning in Dell TechDirect. Lab ID: ITD-1409.

Learn the new Managed Detection and Response Service Dell Cyber Security Portfolio. Lab ID: ITD-1417.

Simplify Enterprise Connectivity Adoption for Your Dell Environment with Secure Connect Gateway. Lab ID: ITD-1418.

Monitor and Manage Your Dell Fleet in TechDirect with Dell SupportAssist for Business PCs. Lab ID: ITD-1420.

Still have questions? We’ve got you covered.

Services experts are ready to connect in the Solutions Expo and Hands-on Labs in the Village on-site daily.

Whether you are joining us at the Venetian in Las Vegas or from your home office that doubles as a kitchen table, we’ll see you there.

About the Author: Ricardo Calderon

Ricardo Calderon serves as Vice President Marketing for Dell Technologies Services, based in Dell’s headquarters in Austin, Texas. He is responsible for leading the Marketing strategy and programs that drive our Services brand perception, short and long-term demand generation and customer satisfaction through Marketing vehicles for Services Globally. Mr. Calderon shares a passion for driving results through innovation, diversity and talent development. Mr. Calderon joined Dell Inc. nineteen years ago after graduating from the Master degree program at the University of Texas at Austin. His first position at Dell was as an Enterprise Brand Manager, developing the PowerEdge brand of Servers and introducing to the Latin America market our Storage and Switches lines. Later in his career he took over Channel Marketing both for Latin America as well as Global Go To Market. He became VP of Marketing in 2016. Prior to joining Dell, Calderon was a Regional Category Manager for Procter and Gamble in Peru, and was responsible for customer and point of sale marketing. He developed trade-marketing strategies for the introduction of Pringles in Peru and for the brand upgrades of hair care, respiratory and feminine protection product categories. Mr. Calderon has an MBA from University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Lima in Peru. Proud husband and father of two young kids.