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Just like a small plant, this competition has grown and flourished into a large movement from a very simple idea.   We were originally thinking about how to nurture an open and honest dialogue with academics and design students around the world about the designing for next level of environmentally responsible computing technologies.

A big break-through came when we decided not to claim any intellectual property rights from the entries and instead share the ideas with the world so we could build a global community around what it means to be a green computing product, now and into the future.  Students make up a big part of what we’ve already received.

One of the common inquiries  we’ve been getting is “what should I submit?”   That’s a good question.   The competition was purposely set up to allow for broad interpretation of what the future of green computing truly means so we wouldn’t blind people with current thinking and current paradigms.  We’re also looking for exciting ways in which to express these new ideas.  Sketches, a video, renderings, CAD drawings, photography, etc.  The judges for the competition were recently announced on the ReGeneration blog.  All we need now are your submissions. 

What do you think?  What would make for a winning submission?

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Topics in this article