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Does your company run any of the following applications: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, ADP or other internal enterprise software packages?  If so, what are your plans when employees start demanding new software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications such as or Taleo? What do you do when your competitors start leveraging the power of these new SaaS products?  If you aren’t sure, then welcome to this blog as I will layout the powerful concept of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) with Dell Boomi.

EAI, as defined in this blog, is the process where data is synchronized between two distinct applications to ensure that both applications are capable of processing the latest information.  In the case of Dell Boomi, data is synchronized between existing on-premise applications and cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions. In the diagram below, we see several on-premise applications behind the corporate firewall and a series of cloud-based services that can be integrated with the Dell Boomi solution.

Of course, many companies consider doing this data integration via internal development teams, outside consultants, or manual data entry.  All of these options are labor intensive, costly to implement, or unable to meet time-to-market needs. The Dell Boomi solution solves all these pain points by delivering a cost-effective complete EAI integration solution capable of connecting a wide variety of applications.  In fact, many SaaS vendors and on-premise application vendors have worked with Dell to create standard processes, wizards, and templates to simplify the data integration process. Leveraging these tools along with an active community of Dell Boomi technologists and customers, customers of Dell Boomi are able to quickly achieve complete data integration.

As you can see, offering your employees the latest in cloud-based solutions while still maximizing the investment in your on-premise software delivers your company a competitive advantage.  Using the Dell Boomi product allows companies to quickly realize this advantage in a cost-effective manner.  To learn more, go to Dell Boomi, visit the Dell Boomi Blog, go to Dell Boomi Case Studies, or contact a representative at 1-800-732-3602.

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Topics in this article