Ask Albert: Can’t we all get along?

When I’m out talking to different audiences about the benefits of Green IT, one point I typically bring up is the somewhat sensitive relationship between an organization’s Facilities and IT departments. These are traditionally different departments with different objectives and different budgets. But when you’re tasked with implementing a Green IT strategy across your organization to help lower energy costs and CO2 output, both Facilities and IT can play a part.

I believe that Green IT can be a catalyst to help bring together Facilities and IT managers to more effectively address energy efficiency as a holistic, joint challenge. Better alignment between these two departments can deliver new levels of optimization across a data center and drive stronger green results.

When I was at the Uptime Institute Symposium recently, I was asked about suggestions for how a company’s Facilities and IT departments can work more collaboratively when addressing their power and cooling challenges. You can listen to one of my suggestions in the vlog below.

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