“Ask Albert” – Your Green IT, Power & Cooling Questions Answered

If you’ve glanced through other posts we’ve made thus far on Inside IT, you probably quickly realized that green IT and power & cooling are much talked about topics. While we’re intent on becoming the greenest IT company on the planet, it’s also extremely important to us that we enable customers to achieve new levels of “greenness” across their operations.

As part of sharing our green IT/power & cooling expertise with you, we’re beginning an ongoing series of posts today under the heading of “Ask Albert.” Dr. Albert Esser is Dell’s resident green IT/power & cooling guru. He’s our evangelist when it comes to helping customers understand the importance of simplicity behind revealing their hidden data centers. Trust us – if you have a question related to green IT or power & cooling, he has an answer for you. Folks in the media also have increasingly been turning to Albert for his insight on the subject – check out his recent commentary in this Financial Times article, "Is Your Data Centre up to Speed?"

So, we want to know what your green questions are. Send them our way so that Albert can share his answers and help point you in the right direction on power & cooling challenges that you might be facing.

Here’s a question Albert received recently from Jeffrey Huskamp, vice president and chief information officer at the University of Maryland, regarding best ways to help make their data center more energy efficient.

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About the Author: Rebecca Thorburn