Atrium Group saves hundreds of hours of IT staff time with standardized management and deployment from Dell KACE

Several months ago, the IT staff at Atrium Underwriting Group Limited, a leading specialist insurer at Lloyd’s of London, spent their weekends and evenings updating applications to avoid disrupting the working day. Atrium’s IT systems manager, George Stylli, needed to find a better way to manage patching across the organization, from application updates through to operating system patches and the rollout of new desktop images.

Systems managers are increasingly forced to support multiple technologies and systems throughout the business and work on a myriad of IT functions. Many organizations do not have a process in place for patch management and this can result in huge amounts of time being spent on tasks which can be automated.

George looked to KACE because of the appliance-based approach to management to simplify and create more time for IT teams to look at ways of being innovative. The With the KACE management appliance, Atrium can deploy applications or send out patches from a central point in minutes, compared to the hours of staff time that would otherwise be consumed in a roll-out.

Following the deployment, Atrium has saved hundreds of hours of staff time and achieved payback within six months. IT staff no longer have to spend their weekends and evenings updating applications to avoid disrupting the working day, and are able to spend their time on tasks that provide more value back to the business.

At Atrium, the Dell KACE appliances have paid for themselves many times over – they make managing the IT infrastructure easier, while the team can concentrate on delivering more value to the business.

About the Author: Wynn White