Efficient data and application backup and recovery: Dell PowerVault DL4000 powered by AppAssure

Today, at Dell Storage Forum (DSF) Paris, we announced the upcoming launch of the PowerVault DL4000, powered by AppAssure—a fully configured 1U backup appliance that integrates 5.5TB of storage capacity and 2 standby VMs with award-winning snapshot, replication, deduplication, and compression software to quickly recover applications and data. The DL4000 offers many benefits for growing businesses, but one of the most important benefits you get is peace of mind—knowing you can set up and maintain your backup and recovery  system quickly and efficiently, and knowing that you can recover your data and applications in minutes, not hours.

In the 1999 cult classic American comedy Office Space, we see a fictional company called Initech fraught with inefficiency and the frustration this brings to the employees. Most of us want to work in jobs where we can do interesting, strategic work—work that we find meaningful. In other words, we strive not to be like Peter Gibbons, the main character of the movie,  with eight bosses, who explains to the two consultants named Bob, “The thing is, Bob, it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.”

Most of us not only care about our jobs, but about the business that employ us and the customers that we serve. In businesses of all sizes, data recovery is critical, and in some businesses, it is not just about recovering the data, but about how quickly data and applications can be recovered to get business back to usual. And, at the same time, businesses need solutions that are optimized not only for resiliency, but for efficiency, so employees can quickly take care of the tasks at hand and return to applying their intelligence and skills to more fulfilling work. Backup should be simple, not complicated…and while other vendors choose to take a more traditional approach, we are looking to revolutionize backup with high-availability disk options that give you random access, rather than tedious sequential access.

We listen to what our customers want, and work to bring you the best technology choices both in hardware and software. One of the ways we do this is by acquiring companies such as AppAssure that offer valuable Intellectual Property (IP) and the talent that comes with them, and then quickly integrating those leading-edge technologies into our offerings. (Check out this video with Joseph Hand, one of our Dell AppAssure subject-matter experts). We are excited not only to bring you the award-winning Dell AppAssure software, but this complete solution leveraging Dell 12G hardware technology. AppAssure 5.3 for Windows and Linux environments brings valuable features such as:

  • Live Recovery™: Helps you meet SLA objectives and significantly reduce the risk of data loss. Achieve near-instant return to operations with a recovery time objective (RTO) of seconds and a recovery point objective (RPO) of minutes. This means no more “fire-drills” that disrupt your business.
  • Assured Recovery™: Automatically ensures that your backup file is completely recoverable by virtually mounting applications and data daily and verifying the reliability of the recovery.
  • Universal Recovery™: Performs full metal recovery to dissimilar hardware and VM servers whether they’re located in your remote office, server room or private cloud.
  • Data deduplication and compression that significantly reduce the footprint of your backup.
  • Granular backup with snapshots as often as every 5 minutes, meaning you virtually eliminate your backup window.

With AppAssure software delivered on a PowerVault appliance optimized for cost-effectiveness and efficiency, you get such benefits as a First Time Boot Utility (FTBU), which streamlines the initial setup of the appliance and configuration of the network and storage and an easy-to-use remote management interface with iDRAC (integrated Dell Remote Access Controller).

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About the Author: Brett Roscoe