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A true gamer needs four things, a quick mind, a sharp eye, skills and a kicking rig. You will need to provide the first three, but Alienware's got you covered on the fourth. Any player, noob to pro, will tell you that having the right system can make all the difference. However, even a top of the line system, such as the Alienware M17x can use a little assistance and that's where Alienware TactX Mouse and Keyboard come into play.

The Alienware TactX Mouse, available for $99, delivers pinpoint accuracy and split-second in-game reaction times with an ultra fast 5000 DPI adjustable laser engine. Equipped with nine customizable buttons and five different user profiles, gamers will command and conquer their rivals in any game without pause or hesitation.

 Alienware TactX Mouse

The Alienware TactX Keyboard, also available for $99, features six programmable macro keys and unlimited customizable user profiles that gamers can link to their favourite games so they're always prepared for battle. The WASD gaming cluster is reinforced with anti-ghosting technology while the keyboards Gaming Mode disables the Windows key so nothing stands in the way of victory.

Alienware TactX Keyboard

Combined with the Alienware OptX AW2210 Monitor and the Alienware TactX Headset, this perfect ecosystem is guaranteed to give you dominance over your favourite game and rival gamers. With these exclusive products you not only have the unique style (AlienFX) that makes Alienware #1 for gamers, but also the performance and power you would expect from the best in the business. Fear not keyboard warriors, backup has arrived.

About the Author: Jose Laraque

Topics in this article