Behold, the invasion comes!

Gamers are visual and hands on. We do the research and we know what we want, but nothing beats seeing what we want first hand. Sure, you can buy anything online, even a car, and ninety-nine percent of the time it will arrive perfectly to your door. However, who wouldn't want the chance to get behind the wheel and take her for a spin.

Having worked at Alienware for several years many people have asked for a chance to try out Alienware's monster rigs in person and now you can. All you fans of Alienware or as I call you, abductees, in New York and New Jersey will soon have a chance to not only try out Alienware's high performance systems, but surround yourself in the Alienware Experience as well.

Alienware begins its worldwide invasion at Micro Center in Paterson, New Jersey on Saturday, July 25th at 11:30 a.m. Now this isn't some small table sitting in the corner. Known in the industry as a store within a store, the Alienware Experience will be a place where you can see our premiere systems, from the Area-51 X58 desktop to the All Powerful M17x in action.

Don't expect some dime store ribbon cutting ceremony. Alienware and Micro Center do it right. Kicking off with a LAN event at Noon eastern, brought to you by the Alienware Arena, gamers from all around will have a chance to test their skills against each other in Quake 4. If you really think you have game then you can go up against the PMS clan.

I personally met a few members of this red hot team at Blizzcon last year and let me tell you they are more than just a pretty face, they kicked serious butt. If Player versus Player isn't your thing don't sweat it, you will still have a great time test driving the latest games available on Alienware systems like Bionic Commando, Sims 3 and Ghostbusters.

A party without prizes is like a LAN without caffeine. The first 500 guests to arrive will receive exclusive Alienware t-shirts, draw string bags and 2GB USB thumb drives. Those who decide to prove their gaming prowess at the LAN event will also have the chance to win additional prizes such as PC games, speakers, keyboards, mice and headphones until 6 p.m. EDT. 

The bottom line is this is a great chance to see the best in computer gaming systems and while you're there show off your skills and maybe win some stuff. Here is the hook up, head over to the Micro Center store at 263 McLean Blvd, Paterson, N.J. on Saturday the 25th. Maybe I will see you there if I can score some air fare.

About the Author: Jose Laraque