Blog Me, Tweet Me…Dell OEM’s Inaugural Blogger Day

On Tuesday, December 14, Dell OEM Solutions hosted its first Blogger Day for eight technology bloggers from all over the globe at the Westin Domain near Dell’s Round Rock campus.

The theme of the day was “A Day in the Life of an OEM Solution” and the bloggers were given the inside scoop on OEM Solutions, our technology and our customization services before touring Dell’s customization facility and executive briefing.

Bloggers who made the trip were:

•  Brad Butner (Seattle) from TechVirtuoso

•  Andrew Lyle (Toronto) from Neowin

•  John Obeto (Colorado) from Absolutely Windows

•  Devang Panchigar (New Jersey) from Storage Nerve

•  Jeffery Powers (Wisconsin) from Geekazine

•  Hector Jose Russo (Dallas) from Geeks Room

•  Sandro Villinger (Germany) from Geeks Room, PC Praxis and Computer Bild

And now presenting…

Franklin Flint and Josh Neland, Dell OEM Solutions Global Technology Evangelists, kicked off the day laying the groundwork and providing an overview of the group. There were multiple “aha” moments among the bloggers (and some great questions) as they realized just how different OEM Solutions is from Dell’s Large Enterprise (IT) group.

Aptly dubbed the “Orange County Choppers” of the technology world by Neland, Dell OEM Solutions is Dell’s “custom shop” from branding a bezel to removing the chassis hood for major tech tweaks.

The dynamic duo also gave some great examples of unexpected places Dell OEM’s technology lives and some of the end-user solutions powered by Dell’s customized hardware included: airport baggage screening, automated toll booths, self-service kiosks and digital displays.

Next up was Deryl Browning from our product group who gave a detailed overview of the different types of customization offered by Dell OEM Solutions including OEM Ready; standard customization and non-standard customization.

Zac Cravens, Non-Standard Customization Lead, provided great insight into the customization the team did on a Dell Precision T7500 for a healthcare customer.

Twitter was abuzz as the bloggers went from curious about the workstation to gushing about its, well, guts: “16TB, 2x Telsa (250?) GPU’s, 24GB of RAM, custom cabling, SSD, 1100 Watt PSU”

Bloggers surrounded Cravens well into the lunch hour, looking more closely at the workstation the brought, taking pictures and asking more questions.

After lunch, Donnie Gerhart, Software and BIOS customization engineer, talked about the unique needs of OEM customers such as customizing BIOS splash screens so the customer’s logo is shown and not Dell’s.

Finally, Shawn Hammer and Tom Holt, both mechanical engineers, showed off some great (and colorful) examples of custom bezel design work they’ve done and talked at length about how they work directly with customers to provide design options that make sense from an engineering standpoint (i.e. no vent-free bezels). Though the most talked-about example of standard customization is always the Google Wave appliance, there are multiple options and levels of design complexity.

By the numbers…

So far, there have been 235 Tweets, 25 pictures and 5 blog posts about the event. Some of the highlights include:

johnobeto: Google Search Appliance is a pretty good use case for Dell OEM. Dell provides fulfillment, customer service & support #delloemday

rickvanover: @johnobeto I’ve used a number of the OEM solutions from Dell. They pop up in a lot of places. The best driver was global support #delloemday

kevin_houston: “For your Dell server rebranding needs, call Holt and Hammer!” #DellOEMDay

We’ll continue to engage with the bloggers in the coming weeks/months and will share coverage and new posts as we get them. In the meantime, if you work with Dell OEM and would like to talk to our bloggers to increase your visibility, feel free to contact me

About the Author: Karen Siuda