Bolstering Data Protection Performance and Scalability to the Cloud

PowerProtect Data Manager and PowerProtect Cyber Recovery's latest enhancements address the ever-evolving IT landscape.

As we see data continue to grow across all infrastructures, data recovery is still the most important need to maintain business continuity. The need for faster and more consistent backups is a priority.

According to Gartner®, “The 2021 CIO Survey indicates a strong rebalance of technology investment with organizations spending more on cybersecurity as a leading initiative at 61%.”1

With the growth of virtual infrastructures, protecting it and the critical data they house against cyberattacks is the key to succeeding in today’s modern IT environment.

The latest release of PowerProtect Data Manager and Cyber Recovery 19.11 addresses this investment shift towards cybersecurity and infrastructure protection. With enhanced Transparent Snapshots performance, user experience, upgraded security capabilities and expanded cyber resiliency of critical data to Azure, we are extending our industry leadership and broad portfolio of modern data protection solutions for our customers. 

As VMware virtual machines (VMs) continue becoming larger and more critical at the same time, this data must be protected and recovered easily. Transparent Snapshots, a unique feature with PowerProtect Data Manager, provides VM image backups without compromise and eliminates application disruption during VM backups. With increased backup performance, lower costs, simplified management and reduced risk of data loss, Transparent Snapshots provides superior VM image backups compared to legacy VM backup technologies.

Transparent Snapshots enables up to 5x faster backups2 along with a 5x reduction in VM latency3 compared to alternative VM backup solutions. With performance enhancements available in Data Manager 19.11, Transparent Snapshots now also provides up to 6x faster restores.4

Transparent Snapshots also demonstrated superior performance in competitive testing, resulting in up to 75% less time to back up and up to 67% reduction in time to restore.5 With Transparent Snapshots, PowerProtect Data Manager revolutionizes how you protect VMware VMs and your business.

To learn more about the Transparent Snapshots performance test results report, read here. 

Data Manager also provides the ability to centralize and simplify management of Oracle databases within the PowerProtect Data Manager UI, including disaster recovery, restore and recovery of online databases and restore of archive logs. Additionally, Data Manager now pushes updates to all agents from a central Data Manager server, improving your experience and reducing the requirements for manual, singular updates.

Data Manager now also enables Role Based Access Control (RBAC) instance level access control, which provides you with the ability to restrict user permissions to what is only required for data protection. This enhancement provides backup and data admins with granular control of assets, ensuring that specific users have only the control needed to ensure their data is protected. Enabling Administrator level control is no longer required in many cases, which provides IT leaders with flexibility and self-enablement for your security controls.

With Data Manager 19.11, we also continue to enhance our multi-cloud protection coinciding with the release of PowerProtect Cyber Recovery 19.11 and CyberSense 7.12.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Azure provides an isolated data center environment via an operational airgap in Microsoft Azure. This capability enables you to deploy an enhanced data protection solution quickly and easily in Microsoft Azure. In the event of a cyberattack, Cyber Recovery for Azure provides flexible recovery options, allowing you to recover back to your corporate data center, an alternate, a new Azure Private Network, or a clean environment within Azure.

We have enhanced the user experience, improved security and expanded our supported cloud platforms. The new ‘Secure Copy Analyze’ feature allows CyberSense to immediately analyze data that is copied to the vault as opposed to running on a separate schedule. This allows for continuous analysis of data moved to the vault and reduces the time to find discrepancies in critical data. We have also added additional details and job information to the dashboard to help better understand the status of jobs and the Cyber Recovery environment. As we continue our multi-cloud expansion, we’ve added support to isolate critical data to the vault in AWS Gov Cloud.

With PowerProtect Data Manager and Cyber Recovery 19.11, Dell Technologies is committed to providing you a flexible, scalable and secure solution in the event of a cyberattack with industry-leading data protection.

To learn more, please visit PowerProtect Data Manager and PowerProtect Cyber Recovery webpages.

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Cliff DePuy

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