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"I want to succeed"; these words, always
the same ones, Mehdi always reports them to his teacher, Asmae, at the end of
his classes.

At 14 years old, Mehdi is a teenager like others, at
least almost. He has dreams, desires, and secrets, but also problems.

Indeed, Mehdi didn’t have an easy story until now.
Fatherless, he lives with his mum and two brothers and sisters in a very poor
shanty town of Casablanca, in the area of Sidi Maarouf. He dropped out from
school 4 years ago, because he was victim of violence from his teacher.

When in September 2010, the organization Bayti gave him this opportunity to go back to
school, he and his mother understood that it was the chance of his life.

Now, Mehdi can benefit from the Non formal Education
program, delivered in the Socio-Educational Centre of Sidi Maarouf. A program
funded by the Dell YouthConnect
Program in Morocco. This program is dedicated to children who were never been
sent to school or who dropped out school. It aims at giving to these children
school basis to ensure them a better future.

Days are organized in two times for Mehdi: the morning
he goes to school, like the majority of children of his age. The afternoon, he
works with his brother, to sell vegetables, to support his brother and the rest
of the family.

Today, Mehdi is the first in his group, and learned to
write in Arabic and French. Curious and always willing, he wants to go further
in his studies and realize his dream: to become a policeman.


Through the partnership between Bayti and Dell
YouthConnect, Mehdi got the chance to participate to tutorials with Dell volunteers.
These tutorials are hold every Saturday, through Dell technologies, to support
the children in their learning process, mainly in Arabic, French and basic
Mathematics. This helps Mehdi to found back his motivation and believed that
nothing is impossible.

Now “Sky is the limit” for Mehdi but also for all
those children, teenagers and youth who can access the world through technology,
thanks to the support DELL volunteers.

About the Author: Amine Benmoussa

Topics in this article