BrightClaim increases storage without consuming too much capital

A little more than a week ago, Dell announced our own 'economic stimulus package' for small and mid-sized companies that are ready to become more energy efficient with technology. There was some good buzz about the 0% financing, but what does this type of financing really mean for companies?

One customer already taking advantage of this offer is BrightClaim, a leading provider of integrated claims solutions to the property and casualty insurance market I reached out to Ted Vibbert, Assistant Vice President and IT Director at BrightClaim, to share more about how the new technology from Dell is helping the company become more efficient.

KK: What's the history of BrightClaim?

TV: BrightClaim is began their operations in 2004 providing centralized claims outsourcing solutions for the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry.   Through a variety of outsourcing capabilities, we combine people, processes, and technology that helps our clients to consistently lower expenses, manage outcomes, and reduce cycle times.    We are able to prove our outcomes by providing the metrics that reflect the value our organization brings to our clients.   Currently, we provide services to over 85 clients in all 50 of the United States and Canada.

We knew that the industry was in need of a consistent claims outsourcing solution where the results where aligned with the client’s goals.  Outsourcing solutions that provided a new alternative over traditional solutions.   Along with outcomes that provided metrics that proved the value for those clients.  We wanted to create a business environment where like-minded professionals could bring new and innovative solutions to a very traditional industry.

KK: What technology challenges did BrightClaim face?

TV: In many ways the best kind in that we started without legacy systems that had legacy processes built around the technology.   We were able to put into place the latest in technology equipment, software applications, and storage options.    We knew that the insurance industry was moving very quickly in the same direction as the banking industry towards complete electronic solutions, data management, and heavy electronic storage requirements.  We knew that we had to remain flexible with our entire technology strategy because our clients were looking for solutions that would allow vendors to work in tandem with existing legacy systems.    That meant we had to insure we had the latest technology available with substantial storage capacity.   We have continued to upgrade our technology repetitively since we began operations.

KK: How has Dell technology helped to solve those issues?

TV: Many of our clients require us to provide the technology applications and the storage capabilities for the end results we provide.   Having the latest technology that has storage capacity that can be easily expanded and/or upgraded provides to us plenty of options.    Our clients are looking to us to help bring them quick and relatively inexpensive solutions while they are working to change their existing legacy system shortcomings.  

We feel the EqualLogic array solution will allow us to expand as our market expands. Our continued growth hinges on flexibility and ease of upgrade and the use of an iSCSI storage area network along with the other components of our virtual network should allow us to do just that.

About the Author: Kara Krautter