Bringing Dell’s SC array software to the entry-level SAN

Each day we hear how information is expanding exponentially, and this massive data growth requires vast amounts of capacity to store so much information. But the information explosion isn’t limited to large enterprises. Small and medium organizations face the same data challenges, and, often times, it is without the larger budget and staff resources of larger enterprise companies.

To continue to help address this challenge, Dell Storage today introduced a brand new, flexible and affordable storage array series within the Storage Center family of products. The Dell Storage SCv2000 Series are entry-level SANs that offer a remarkable performance and protection including many of the same award winning Dell Storage Center software features, such as integrated data protection with snapshots and replication, while maintaining an affordability needed in small to medium businesses.

The Dell Storage SCv2000 Series is designed to offer the perfect blend of high performance data storage at an affordable price. It offers a low cost per terabyte solution and delivers superior performance by achieving the best performance and protection of any entry-level array.* With the SCv2000, we can offer the same common management and several of the core features of our higher-end Dell SC Series arrays. Extending Dell Storage Center software to entry-level arrays allows customers to standardize on one common platform, helping them to save time, management costs and operational overhead.

Our newest array series includes an interesting suite of feature-rich options including proven data protection features, RAID tiering to optimize capacity, data-migration services and multi-protocol connectivity.  It leverages existing investments by allowing for data migration into the more enterprise-level products within this product line, serving todays needs while focusing on a growth strategy.

Since protecting data is as integral to storage as performance and affordable capacity. The SCv2000 Series offers flash support, thin provisioning, replication, broad third-party software integrations (VMware, Microsoft, etc.), as well as the automated RAID tiering and space-efficient snapshots.

Find out how the new Dell Storage SCv2000 Series is expanding the Dell Storage SC Series portfolio into the entry-level space. Get introduced to the advantages of some of the same Storage Center core features that our enterprise storage solutions use to power large data centers. With the SCv2000, you can start small and move to higher-end Storage Center arrays as your needs grow! See more at and at Dell_Storage on Twitter.


*Based on February 2015 competitive review and Dell performance testing the SCv2000 FC. Actual performance will vary on the workload and drive type.

About the Author: Judy Benson

Judy is the Dell EMC PowerEdge server team Program Manager. She likes nothing better than telling others what to do and when to do it. She has spent most of her career at Dell in various roles, but came to marketing in 2008 and has never looked back. The first 2 years she was the Dell Storage team program manager before switching roles to storage product marketing. She was completely blown away by how hard it was to actually be creative and fill a blank piece of paper with words and content. However, she must have liked it a little, because she did it for several years before moving the server team and back into project management. Did I mention she has her PMP (Project Manager Professional) certification? Now, she sits back and laughs at everyone when they complain about the massive amounts of marketing content work they have to do, while she exploits her true talent of being bossy.