Building a Better Cloud Starts with Getting the Best People

As we close in on the end of our fiscal year, it’s amazing to see how much success we’ve had on the Dell Technologies Cloud team in our inaugural year. This isn’t a blog post to pat ourselves on the back or take the victory lap; it’s an acknowledgement that we still have a long way to go to achieve our goals, and that means growing the team.

In this new decade, what organizations require from their cloud solutions partners has substantially changed. No one is clamoring for yet another public cloud vendor to further splinter things. No, what organizations need is a partner who can drive consistency across these disparate environments. And who better than Dell Technologies, a leader not only in infrastructure solutions, but also virtualization and cloud software, with a strong commitment to building the solutions that organizations have come to rely on so heavily.

With that in mind, we launched Dell Technologies Cloud, the first set of solutions that show the path forward for Dell Technologies: Embracing Cloud Operating Models everywhere. This direction permeates every aspect of our business from engineering, to sales, to marketing. And because of this we are actively expanding our team, looking for the best and the brightest to join us on this rocketship.

Here is why you should believe in us, and why this is a great organization to come into:

  1. Market Acceptance – You might be saying, “why should I select Dell Technologies versus one of the hyperscalers?” The truth is we are one of the largest and most trusted infrastructure and software companies in the world, and our launch of Dell Technologies Cloud has been praised by analysts and customers alike.
  2. Ability to Make an Impact – Since the solution is relatively new to market and we’re rapidly transforming to meet new markets and new customers’ needs across the board, we have a startup-like culture, backed with the investments only the largest companies can make.
  3. Smart and Pragmatic Leadership – We enter spaces with an obvious market need and where we hold a competitive advantage, versus getting into protracted and messy battles where either side’s success looks more like mutually assured destruction. Because of this, even during challenging economic conditions we’ve executed well and taken share.
  4. Strong Culture – I’ve spent time in many different organizations but Dell’s commitment to work/life balance and ability to foster a collaborative “one team” culture is truly unique. I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to be able to ask for help and see folks willing to support as opposed to having them say “that’s not in my KPIs.”
  5. Career Trajectory – From what I’ve observed in my almost three years here, and looking at this team specifically, we’re in a high growth area that can lead to great career growth. From my own experience I would say it’s been the most I’ve ever been rewarded for the work I’ve done.

Come join us! Take on the challenge of educating an entire market that the next decade must deliver consistent experiences across all the clouds. It’s a great company to work for.

Please visit the Dell Technologies career site and search for “cloud” jobs there. We have many openings including Product Marketing, Sales Enablement, Engineering, and Product Management roles that we’re actively filling.

About the Author: Nick Brackney

Nick is a product marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the technology space. His areas of expertise include cloud technology, the role data plays in business, edge computing, storage platforms, and IoT. He has been with Dell Technologies since 2017 and works in the Dell Technologies Cloud group with a focus on helping organizations navigate a multi-cloud world. Prior to Dell Technologies, Nick worked extensively as a consultant for some of the leading companies in technology. Ventured into the startup world with a network analytics firm in ExtraHop, and worked at Microsoft driving IoT focused product launches.