Building Your Brand: Why It’s Important

Did you know that before interviewing with a company, candidates look at the LinkedIn profiles of the company’s team members with similar jobs to learn what projects and responsibilities they have? They take note of the media, articles and posts the company’s team members have shared.

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The influencer landscape is changing – institutional trust is declining and people want to hear from individuals like you and me. Candidates now have the power to be investigators and reporters with technology and social media at their fingertips. Therefore it is imperative that team members develop their personal brand as it is not only a reflection of them, but their company as well.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with 500 million members worldwide and counting. It’s a great place to build your personal brand presence with more creativity than résumés allow. Building your brand on LinkedIn not only helps you establish a personal brand, it also gives the external market insight into your impactful work and your company’s culture.

With that in mind, Dell’s Employment Brand team designed a “Build Your Brand” training program for our team members and external partners to help them build their personal and professional brands. After all, people tend to want to work with people they know and people they trust.

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From the Ground Up

Build Your Brand teaches Dell hiring leaders and individual contributors specific actions they can take to enhance their personal brand, harness the power of social media, build and develop rewarding networks, and learn best practices on LinkedIn.

At Dell, we believe that our team member’s LinkedIn profiles should represent their personal brand. LinkedIn is now more than just a place to put your work history – it’s a living, breathing page that gives the external market insight into the incredible talent that we have at Dell. We empower our team members with tools and resources so that they are confident when sharing their life at Dell.

Building Your Brand is not only easy, it’s encouraged. Build Your Brand is divided into three stages:

  1. BUILD: A home starts with a solid foundation. Here, we’ll walk you through the process of building your brand from the ground up. This is where you’ll learn things like how to write a summary section and what your profile picture should look like. We’ll give you the blueprint to make your new digital home a success that’s able to stand the test of time.
  2. FURNISH: Now it’s time to settle in. We’ll need to add some bells and whistles, and get the ball rolling on making your personal brand something welcoming, and your digital home a place worth showing off.
  3. INVITE: To truly make your digital home complete, it’s all about creating experiences for your community to be a part of. Share. Speak. Start a dialogue! That’s how you’ll scale your personal brand—and hopefully, your career—to all-new heights.

Our Employment Brand team created the Build Your Brand training program with our internal team members in mind, but we also have external versions to share with the community. If you are looking to bring Build Your Brand to your college campus, veteran’s event, or professional workshop – contact a Dell recruiter today!

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About the Author: Lauren Stepanski

Lauren Stepanski is currently in Dell’s Human Resources Rotation Program where she experiences 3 different roles within critical areas of Human Resources within 3 years. Her first role was on the Employment Brand team within the Talent Acquisition COE and is currently in her second role as a Product and Operations Field Compensation Advisor. Lauren has received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at Michigan State University! #GoGreen