Bupa Cromwell Hospital builds strategy for change to enhance patient care

Bupa Cromwell HospitalHealthcare projects really bring home the value of technology, but they also show how vital it is to have a solid strategy that puts IT in line with real-life outcomes. From electronic patient records to x-ray archives, there’s a common theme that most healthcare organisations are tackling – data management.

Patient data has to be secure, but accessible too. People having treatment in multiple departments need continuity of care. Clinical decisions should be as prompt as they are well-informed. For all of that to happen, staff need systems that make information easy to get to, add to and share.

Bupa Cromwell Hospital - room viewBupa Cromwell hospital in London runs regular technology reviews as part of its quality improvement programme. In one of them, the hospital looked at how changes in data management could benefit patients. For example, if staff could see a patient’s appointment schedule across all departments, they’d be able to coordinate bookings and avoid clashes.

To handle the project on top of day-to-day tasks, the IT team needed some support. We helped Bupa Cromwell develop a low risk, high benefit strategy for change. Once we got to grips with the needs of each employee group, we worked with the hospital to pin down a list of deliverables, each linked to concrete outcomes.

The hospital is set to make a series of changes – some imminent, others longer term. It’ll solve the scheduling challenge with a cross-department system. Electronic patient records will help medics make faster diagnoses. It’s all about putting relevant, up-to-date information at the fingertips of the people delivering care – a process we’re truly excited to be part of.

See the full Bupa Cromwell case study here.

About the Author: Kathy Mahady