Business Trailblazers Community: Entrepreneurs learn from Dell and each other

We understand that a medium sized construction company in Iowa is trying to solve similar business challenges through IT as a business in Florida or even Hong Kong, Sydney or London. Arming employees with easily managed and secure mobile solutions are challenges, regardless of geography.

That said, wouldn’t it be great if CEOs and IT professionals could share their stories, business challenges and technology solutions with each other to help make decisions. What’s more, what if they could rate their technology solutions as an even more definitive way to say ‘this is working for my business or not and why.’

Over the past year, we’ve evolved the Solutions Center and other social media sites to provide more targeted customer content and personalization globally. In the process, we’ve also recognized there is a great opportunity to engage and involve our customers at an even greater level and that’s what we’ve done.

Launching today, the new Dell Business Trailblazers community creates a place for companies looking for technology advice and to build their business or technology credibility and notoriety. With the potential to reach millions of visitors to, small and Medium Business owners and their IT staff are empowered to promote their business expertise online by creating a company profile that highlights their business and technology challenges, solutions, product ratings and recommendations.

This public site connects businesses interested in learning more about how technology can help them grow and succeed. Here, companies can also learn about how technology is enabling the successful businesses profiled in Dell’s global Take Your Own Path campaign. By integrating more customer stories with our Take Your Own Path campaign and the Solutions Center, a community hub is established where IT enthusiasts can learn and build relationships with thought leaders in their industry.

Joanna Coburn, our online customer experience guru, has put a lot of work into making Business Trailblazers a reality. Here is a short interview with her discussing the features and what businesses can expect from the new tool:

Logon to to share your business story and join our growing community of entrepreneurs levering technology to better serve customers, grow and compete.

About the Author: Michael Buck