Can Small Businesses save money by video conferencing?

Travel is a necessity of any business. However, with the economy the way it is, small businesses must plan to shave some money off their operating budget somewhere. Each year, more businesses are looking to alternative conferencing solutions to help manage costs. One way a business can save money is by videoconferencing, also known as web conferencing. It has been around for awhile, but with the latest technology it’s now available and affordable for small businesses.

Videoconferencing can save both time and money—and who doesn’t need that today? According to a recent study by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, 71% of businesses plan to spend less on travel in 2009.

Since many businesses are not spending money on travel, would videoconferencing be a reasonable alternative for small businesses with clients that reside well outside their zip code. Of the participants polled on our Facebook Site (84 total votes), 73% of entrepreneurs plan to use videoconferencing in the next year instead of travel. Some comments by participants indicated why videoconferencing makes sense and how it can be implemented:

· Mike Saint – We have installed [videoconferencing] systems in five of 10 offices of our consulting firm that specializes in land use politics. Will soon add equipment to London office.

· Corey Frisbee – We still try to deal face to face with customers any time possible, but videoconferencing is a great second choice

· Jt Clough – Can bring dog training using video to people "live" with real dogs as examples using video conferencing. More good dogs, more people who feel like wagging on a daily basis as well!

Videoconferencing can also help your business creatively show prospective customers how progressive your company is by having the latest technology. Today, Dell announced a new line of Vostro™ laptops with free, integrated Dell Video Chat videoconferencing software. Dell Video Chat will enable you to record high-quality video, chat with up to four people at one time, and easily email securely. For even more about Dell Video Chat and the newest Vostro laptops, check out the release.

Also, share how you are using Web cameras and videoconferencing to grow and manage your business by submitting comments here on the blog and videos in our YouTube Group.

About the Author: Robert Peek