Case study: The future of digital advertising? I’m ready.

By Ryan Tennant

Milliseconds. That’s how long it takes during online auctions to determine which advertisements will display on which devices in order to drive the highest marketing value. Here at Tapad, we analyze billions of data objects to discover, in a privacy-safe way, that multiple devices belong to a single user — resulting in the delivery of truly unified advertising campaigns. Our recent adoption of the Dell PowerEdge FX architecture with Intel® Xeon®processors makes it easier for us to analyze big data and deliver our differentiating services.

Fueling growth and efficiency — not complexity

We’ve been using software-defined networking and virtualization along with servers and various storage configurations for some time. However, in just two years, we had gone from leasing one-half rack of space in a data center to managing three of our own data centers. Our rapid growth was making it harder to keep up with a growing list of new clients and requirements.

Staying agile with IT that’s twice as dense and 2.5X faster

With the Dell PowerEdge FX architecture, we dramatically consolidated and simplified operating efficiency, while maintaining millisecond-fast response times. We use Dell PowerEdge FC630 servers with Intel Xeon processors in Dell PowerEdge FX2 chassis to support both compute and storage, doubling our IT density and reducing energy usage. We also cut in half the number of I/O adapters needed for each rack, and we increased network performance by 2.5X with the Dell FN IO Aggregators.

Our IT employees are more efficient now too. If workloads require more physical compute or storage, they just add FC630 servers to an FX2 chassis and configure the systems using existing profiles, making deployment almost instantaneous. Additionally, they’re saving time and reducing trips to data centers by using the GUI-based Dell Remote Access Controller as well as Dell ProSupport Enterprise.

Fast, flexible and future-ready

We’ve always been on the leading edge of digital advertising. By adopting the Dell PowerEdge FX architecture, we’re well positioned to remain an innovator because we can quickly evolve our offerings to support wherever the industry is going tomorrow.

Intel Inside®. Powerful Solution Outside.

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