CES 2015: The coolest gadgets we saw

By Megan Anderle, Editor and Contributing Writer

With thousands of exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, making a list of the coolest gadgets we saw was no easy task. We’ve been out on the show floors every day this week checking out what startups and established companies have to offer this year. Here are just a few standouts.

ReST Bed: This smart bed measures the pressure that each part of your body exerts on the mattress surface and adjusts immediately to alleviate the pressure, allowing you a better night’s sleep. The ReST Bed is connected via WiFi and can integrate with other connected home devices such as smart lights and thermostats to allow you the best night’s sleep possible. It also has an app that tells you how you slept the previous night.

Scio: This is an incredible device that allows you to scan materials or physical objects and get instant information about its molecular makeup sent to your smart phone because of its tiny spectrometer. For instance, scan an apple and find out how many calories and grams of sugar it has.

ODG’S augmented reality glasses: Augmented reality glasses were prevalent throughout the conference, but we liked these because it is more rugged than other glasses on the market. Made with military-grade technology, 3-D optics and HD displays, the glasses are made like sunglasses, which make them ideal for workers in the field.

Lechal Insoles: Fitness trackers are a dime a dozen, but these insoles track your steps, how many calories you burned and where you traveled in a less obtrusive way than a watch. The insoles are also comfortable. You can even race a friend who uses the insoles from anywhere, which is a neat feature. The chip in the insoles has a USB port for smartphones, so you can take it out to charge your device if you’re running low on battery.

Wondermento: There many puppy trackers on the market, but this on-collar device has a ton of functionality and is well-designed. Track the location of your pet and know whether it is sleeping, walking or playing while you’re away. You can also set reminders to play with it or feed it. It’s the perfect way to know whether your dog walker is actually doing their job when you’re at work.

Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology: A comfortable band that reduces chronic pain associated with bad knees, diabetes, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. All you have to do is press a button on the device and it stimulates sensory nerves that carry neural pulses to your brain, triggering a natural response that blocks pain signals.

Flipps cloud-based streaming service: Not a gadget, but it’s still worth mentioning. Bypass Roku, Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick in favor of Flipps, which allows you to stream media to a connected television from any mobile device through its cloud-based platform. We tested it out, and the quality of video is still excellent without the hardware.

ITG Glass: Ditch your bulky Otterbox case in favor of ITG Glass to protect your smart phone. There were hundreds of smart phone cases at CES, but this one is extremely durable and is as smooth as regular glass on top of your screen.

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