Change Means Opportunity and 50 Percent More Revenue for Dell SonicWALL Partner Cerdant

Managed security services provider Cerdant has been a SonicWALL partner since its inception, almost 12 years. According to Cerdant president and CEO Mike Johnson, the whole way through the companies have maintained an excellent vendor-partner relationship. He says, “I feel like I’m working with someone who has my interest at heart.”

While Dell’s acquisition of SonicWALL in 2012 meant that SonicWALL now had the backing of one of the top technology vendors worldwide, with excitement came uncertainty for Cerdant. In business, significant structural changes such as an acquisition always generate some unease, and the folks at Cerdant wondered if they would receive the same level of dedicated service now that SonicWALL was part of a massive organization.

The short answer is:  They did. As with all its software channel partners, Dell provided Cerdant with a Select Account Manager (SAM).  Johnson says their SAM is Cerdant’s “quarterback” and the most important player in their relationship with Dell. SAMs help Dell partners identify the right salespeople and products to work with, place orders, and generally navigate the lay of the land.

Perhaps most important, however, is that since the acquisition, Cerdant has seen a 50% increase in revenue. Not only does working with Dell allow Cerdant to target larger customer organizations, but they are now selling larger appliances, and they get more money for their professional service engagements.

Check out the video below to hear Johnson explain more about how Cerdant successfully navigated the transition, what obstacles they faced and how they overcame them, and the tremendous benefits and opportunities they’ve gained since SonicWALL became part of Dell.

Link to Dell SonicWALL video case study from Cerdent

About the Author: Christine Forbes McDermott