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Office updates always contain great new tools – but this new version embraces a great new platform. Office 2013 is a big deal because it supports touch-enabled devices – and that changes many things. At the beginning of the SOHO tablet era, a lot was made of what tablets were – devices for consuming, rather than creating, information. That’s not necessarily held true and with support for touch built in to Windows 8, we’re now seeing tablets, hybrid devices and desktop PCs being increasingly adopted in larger enterprises.

This much, of course, you probably already know; the job now is to get out and sell it. This is where Dell comes in. Office 2013 is as much a hardware upgrade story as it is a software story, and industry research points to a great market for mobile knowledge workers using our devices to be productive on the move, at home or at their desks.  As more and more companies give their employees flexibility in where and when they work and even which device they choose, it’s up to partners to make these intentions a reality for employers and employees alike.

Dell touch-enabled hardware, such as the XPS 12 convertible notebook, Latitude 10 and XPS 10 tablets and OptiPlex 9010 desktop PC, makes for a range of great platforms for Office 2013. There’s also a third approach to introducing Office 2013 to customers, as a cloud-based productivity solution Office 365 is aimed at companies with five or more devices, and combining a service sale with a more traditional hardware and software sale provides extra support and – thanks to annuity revenue from Office 365 – continuing income.

Aside from the touch interface, there are many new features that will make digesting, presenting and extracting information easier, and again, we’ve got the information to help you make that sale. We’ve also got plenty of support for partners in the form of sales incentives, training decks and marketing campaign collateral.

All in all, there are lots of reasons to be excited about Office 2013 – a great new interface and input method, fresh, exciting form factors and hardware to support flexible working behaviours, and a services sale to boot. We’re keen to help Dell Partners make the most of this, so get in touch today, or go to our Office 2013 Partner pages on the PartnerDirect Portal to access the resources mentioned above and find out more about how we can help you sell more. 

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Topics in this article