Chinese Social Search Engine achieves 120% return on their data center investment

One of the promising global internet trends today is the concept of social search. Think of social search this way – today you enter a search term in a popular search engine and get pretty much the imagesame results as anyone else. What if instead your search produced results based on what you care about, since it was determined by others who care about the same things? Your results would be different for you than almost any another person since you are a unique individual. That’s social search – and companies like Facebook and Google have social search offerings available today or in beta soon to be released.

A company in China called has been building this concept of social search for the last year using websites, question and answers, and Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter-like microblog site) to build one of China’s first social search sites and is finding an enormous following. They already have 100 million users and receive over 1 billion searches per day. The challenge for Yunyun (as well as any social search site) is to develop a deep understanding of users. To meet the challenge, Yunyun needed a data center platform that would guarantee efficient performance and strong redundancy, while eliminating bottlenecks in the core switching network. Since internet search in itself is a highly competitive business – customer satisfaction for Yunyun also is a chief concern and the datacenter behind the search had to meet high user experience demands.

Yunyun turned to Dell for high-performance networking products that would scale with their business and meet their demanding enterprise IT business needs. Dell Networking Z9000 switch supports high-density 10/40GbE, while S4810 switch supports 1/10/40GbE to deliver non-blocking throughput for dense traffic environments. The Z9000 allows Yunyun to scale as their business continues to increase while the S4810 not only supports headroom, but also high-performance for dense traffic periods. The rack density allows Yunyun to physically scale the environment as their needs grow. In addition Yunyun selected Dell Networking 6248 1GbE switches connected to Dell PowerEdge R525 and R415 servers.

Qu Jing, project implementation manager,

Qu Jing, project implementation manager commented “the unique design using Dell Networking Z9000 as core switches cuts project implementation costs while guaranteeing overall network performance.” Yunyun believes that the Dell solution will enable them to scale by ten-fold as demand grows for as a social search engine.

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Yunyun Customer Story - Dell

About the Author: Kevin Oliver

Kevin Oliver is a product marketing manager for PowerEdge servers, with responsibility for emerging rack server offerings. Kevin’s prior work at Dell includes software defined, converged, and data center networking as well as M&A marketing integration. Additional previous work experience include Asia marketing management for National Instruments and Asia developer relations marketing for Intel.