Chinook spawns and expands Redfish

Ed. Note: This blog was co-authored by Jon Hass and Robert Winter, Distinguished Engineers, Dell

At first glance this blog might be thought of as YABAAAPI (Yet Another Blog About An API), but it’s much more than that.  After all, who needs another API?  Well, if that API is targeted at being the API for all the components in the data center then it’s worth investing Dell’s time and efforts, and we believe it’s also worth telling you about.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are rapidly building upon the work already completed in the DMTF to expand and extend the scope of Redfish as we advance beyond the 1.0 Specification released last September. The DMTF’s Scalable Platform Management Forum (SPMF) Redfish specification and schemas, an open industry standard initially published in 2015, enable compute management using RESTful technology on a common model. Redfish has sparked significant interest among our customers. Dell is fully committed to Redfish, and we have enabled our PowerEdge servers and other product lines with embedded Redfish Services.

Dell, through work in the industry group codenamed Chinook (Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, VMware, and Intel), is jointly submitting work in PCIe Switch, BIOS and local storage models to the SPMF. Future Chinook submissions to the SPMF for Redfish will expand coverage with the goal of addressing all the components in the data center with a consistent API enabling customers and operators to better deal with the velocity of deployment and management of constantly evolving technologies.

We see great promise in scalable infrastructure instrumented with a common, modern API to discover, inventory, compose, configure and monitor systems, components, and elements both within data center and cloud deployments.

Dell led the establishment of and has been a primary contributor to the DMTF Redfish specifications and participated in establishing and leading the Chinook effort from its inception

Sarah Vela

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