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I recently did a review of all the cloud blogs and news sites that I was following on my RSS reader and added about 15 to 20 more sites to broaden my cloud information stream.  With this new massive influx of cloud computing information I immediately became overwhelmed and confused as there is just too much information out there for a single person to responsibly process and understand. (As a service to my readers, my cloud blog list is at [spector_dell])

This got me thinking about the IT employees now being asked by CIOs and senior management to learn about the “cloud thing” and report back with a solution. Clearly, this is not a simple task and these employees need to find a single entity as a starting point to learn about cloud and how it can impact not just their IT departments but also their business success.

May I suggest, they come to Dell to learn about our expansive cloud portfolio, global cloud consulting force, and extensive cloud deployment and management experience running global enterprise clouds of all types? Here are some examples of the many ways that Dell can be your one stop cloud provider:

As you can see, Dell has a lot going on in cloud. In fact, I didn’t even mention our storage/backup/recovery solutions in the cloud and all the pre-tested, certified and ready to go out of the box hardware for clouds and virtualization. So, get started with all your cloud needs at Dell by contacting our cloud teams via a webform or by contacting your Dell sales representative or account manager.

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Topics in this article