Client Solutions Go All In at Annual Dell Showcase

A record-setting 15,000 attended Dell Technologies World 2019 to witness the promise of progress and transformation made real.

For a third year, Dell Technologies transformed the historic-looking Venetian Hotel and Sands Convention Center into a hub of future-focused tech. More than 15,000 IT decision makers, experts, and influencers traveled to Las Vegas to discover the next big thing and interact with the most exciting innovations available today. Featured attendees included MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, technology innovator and global music artist, and Vatican clergy. Thousands more watched via the live stream.

While AI and machine-learning were hot topics on the convention floor, our Client Solution Expo and IT leadership sessions focused on faster, smarter workplace devices created a serious buzz. Republic Airways, Briggo, and Sony Pictures – all Dell customers – shared their digital success stories.

“Digital transformation has changed everything we do,” said Marsha Osborn, COO of the connected coffee company Briggo. “Now we can predict what our customer wants and give it to them in a more efficient way.”

Dell Tech World was a fantastic place for the company to unveiled its plans to simplify the way organizations deploy, secure, manage and support PC systems and services with  Dell Technologies Unified Workspace – all from the cloud by combining innovation from across the Dell Technologies family of businesses – Dell, VMware’s Workspace ONE and Secureworks.

Jeff Clarke, Dell Technologies Vice Chairman stated that Unified Workspace is “…everything your business needs to be productive and secure is now seamlessly combined into one package.”

“We’ve created an integrated solution that helps you support your full PC lifecycle and provisioning strategy, powered by the cloud…and you’re ready to rock and roll on day one,” he told the Tuesday morning general session.


This year’s conference coincides with the Dell Latitude family’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, we released the best Latitudes yet: A 3000, 5000 and 7000 series of laptops and 2-in-1s completely redesigned for the modern workforce. These new Latitudes feature exclusive Dell Express technologies that boost productivity no matter where you work.

“The release of the new Latitude 7400 2-in-1 is a huge highlight for us,” John Roese, Dell EMC’s Global Chief Technology Officer, said. “Incredible design and power in this very sleek, thin package, and completely designed for improved productivity of the users.”

Rahul Tikoo, VP of Commercial Mobility Products, agreed. “The modern worker wants to be able to work from anywhere, anytime, and desires greater mobility. And we’re enabling that in the Latitude portfolio with smaller, lighter systems,” he said. “The 7400 2-in-1 is 16% smaller than the competition, making this the smallest 14-inch commercial notebook on the planet.” *

*Based on Dell internal analysis, November 2018.

“The makeup of the workforce is changing,” he said. “The younger generation is used to awesome technology in their personal lives. We’re bringing those same experiences to the Latitude portfolio with features such as ExpressSign-in, ExpressCharge, and ExpressConnect.”


Recently, Dell has partnered with Sony to create the Sony Innovation Studios, a state-of-the-art facility for volumetric video and set scanning. The president of Innovation Studios, Glenn Gainor, discussed his company’s plans to digitize real-world environments and give future filmmakers the power to set their movies anywhere. “We’re trying to eliminate the need for physical space and allow filmmakers to shoot in multiple locations while never leaving the soundstage,” he said. “As the world embraces new technology, the need for speed, the need for power to compute, is going to become more and more important.”

Mark Mann, a photographer who specializes in celebrity portraits, was stationed at the Client Solutions Expo area, taking volumetric photos of attendees. He explained how Dell Precisions help streamline his creative process. “We have the power, we have the GPU and CPU, and we’re using some pretty heavy After Effects stuff,” Mann said. “Dell computers just rip straight through it.”

In today’s global market, creative collaboration is key. That’s why automotive company McLaren relies on Dell to help bridge the geography gap. “Collaborative design can now happen in 3D virtual space,” Paul Brimacombe, McLaren’s Head of IT Architecture said. “Our company can act as one entity even though we’re spread out across the world.”


Another big focus at Dell Tech World was the need to create more opportunities and help a new workforce get the training they need. That’s why Dell is assisting companies like Republic Airways with their Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy, a new, more attainable approach to fight school.

“There’s a global shortage of pilots,” Lauren Gaudian, Republic Airway’s Director of Communications, said. “We’re the first airline to create a cutting-edge flight school. We needed a partner that’s as agile as we are. Dell provides a one-stop shop of support.”

Sally Eaves, CEO of Shift 7, has spoken at multiple Dell Tech Worlds and is optimistic about the pace of progress. “Technology is everything,” she said. “Today, it allows people to seamlessly communicate and collaborate anywhere.”

According to various keynote speakers, the next three decades will hold more progress than ever before. To get ready, every business, every organization, every government, every health care organization needs to reimagine itself in this new digital age. “Data is your greatest resource,” Jeff Clarke told the Tuesday morning general session. “It holds the keys for you to better serve your customers, to gain deeper insights at how to better run your business and provides the information to breakthrough problems that were once unsolvable.”

About the Author: Peter Hofstad

Peter Hofstad is a copywriter and journalist living in Austin, TX. For more than a decade he’s covered the rapidly evolving intersections of business and technology. Currently, he serves as the lead copywriter for the Commercial Content Studio, a social-media focused department of Dell Blue, supporting the Client Solutions Commercial team.