Closing the Compellent Acquisition: Extending our unique storage vision

Our storage vision has always been to make data management easier and more affordable.  This vision directs our development strategy and guides every acquisition we make.  And, while others use similar words, our actions show we are truly committed to changing how customers manage their information.

Over the past year, you've seen us actively acquire the best intellectual property in the industry.

All of these companies represent non-traditional ways and better methods for storing data.  The acquisition of Exanet technology provided a scalable file system that promises scale-out benefits similar to EqualLogic arrays and an intuitive unified management console.  The Ocarina acquisition provides the industry's best optimization capabilities which will enhance Dell's storage software portfolio – a portfolio that is already feature-rich.  Today, we are officially taking another step toward changing data management by completing our acquisition of Compellent.

Compellent is a perfect addition to the Dell storage portfolio and their team shares our vision of delivering outstanding value for our customers.  The Dell Compellent Storage Center SAN aligns perfectly with our vision and adds new capabilities. 

Fluid Data

Fluid Data helps customers achieve greater performance and outstanding total cost of ownership. It is an architecture that starts with a virtualized storage platform and the industry's most granular tiering capability.  Compellent's advanced, automated tiering provides greater application responsiveness and makes it possible for you to manage your data based on business value. Fluid Data is more than tiering; it is the ability to deliver the right data to the right application at the right time.  This is critical in virtual environments where server workloads are dynamic.  Fluid Data provides integration across the entire infrastructure enabling dynamic connections across storage, networks and servers. 

Scalability without Complexity

Compellent storage is built on a common platform that scales without complexity and eliminates the need for forklift upgrades. A Compellent storage system expands to nearly two petabytes  –  without downtime or costly platform migrations.

Intuitive Management

A comprehensive management suite provides advanced data protection, storage optimization and virtualization integration. An intuitive GUI interface lets you quickly set up, provision and tune your storage infrastructure to meet your specific needs.

Unique Software Model

Like all Dell storage, Compellent storage provides all the features you need in one box and with Compellent's perpetual software model, you pay for the software once and receive future upgrades and new features as they become available.

At Dell, we're creating unique storage capability – not bounded by legacy thinking – that will enable customers to store more data, move it more freely and keep more data on-line.  I invite you to learn more about the Compellent storage platform and how we are building a dynamic architecture that is helping our customer's enterprise or cloud be efficient, agile and resilient-always, automatically and continually.

If you're interested in more perspective on the Compellent acquisition, take a look at Rob Williams' post on DellShares, Lance Boley's on Dell Tech Center or this post from Compellent's Liem Nguyen.

    About the Author: Darren Thomas