Cloud Enabled, High Performance, Simple to Use – Continued Innovation Keeps Dell Data Protection Appliances on Top

Dell’s relentless focus on continued innovation is why customers see Dell as a partner, rather than just a vendor, and stay with us for the long term. Dell delivers simply powerful data protection that scales as our customers’ data grows and provides the flexibility our customers need as their environment and data protection needs evolve and increasingly move to the cloud. While Dell is the unquestionable leader in data protection appliances with close to 60 percent market share[i], it’s our customers and their unique needs that keep us innovating to extend and improve our performance and scalability.

Founders Federal Credit Union Achieves High Dedupe Rate with Data Domain and DPS

Founders Federal is a regional financial institution that started in 1950 and has now grown to more than 30 locations in North and South Carolina. While working with Dell Engineers, Founders Federal became aware of some gaps in their data protection strategy. “Today’s benefit of using Dell Data Protection Software combined with Data Domain is the ability to deliver a deduplication rate of 72:1.” – Bob Bender – CTO – Founders Federal Credit Union

“We have been a Dell customer for 10 years and I see the partnership with Dell and Founder’s Federal growing as the amount of data we need to protect continues to grow. We also appreciate the fact that Dell does not rest on their laurels and continues to innovate with improved performance and cloud extensibility, which ensures that our data protection needs will continue to be met. The future with the Dell Data Protection is very bright.” – Bob Bender – CTO – Founders Federal Credit Union

FieldCore, a GE company avoids disaster with Dell

FieldCore, a GE company, maintains and services powerplants all over the planet. In 2017, with Hurricane Irma bearing down on the state of Florida, FieldCore was concerned about their current backup strategy. FieldCore switched to a Data Domain centric backup strategy, creating a secondary site away from the hurricane’s path replicating their data before Hurricane Irma arrived. Their secondary site was up and running quickly – in less than four days – before Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida.

“We went from a 4:1 deduplication ratio to a 41:1 deduplication ratio with Data Domain. We saw backups go from taking upwards of 24 hours to complete to 98 percent of our backups completing in less than one hour. This allowed us to replicate our data before the storm actually hit.” – Kerry Johnson – Senior Systems Engineer – FieldCore, a GE company

“We were very happy with how Dell worked with us to get ahead of the storm. Dell has been and will continue to be a long-term partner in managing and protecting our IT infrastructure. I am very confident that Dell will continue to innovate; and their data protection solutions will meet our needs as our environment evolves.” – Kerry Johnson – Senior Systems Engineer – FieldCore, a GE company

College Boreal loves IDPA

Reliable, uninterrupted access to data at 42 campus locations in 28 cities is essential to running operations smoothly at College Boreal. College Boreal needed an integrated backup and recovery solution to lower backup times, along with hardware and IT support costs, while providing simplified and intelligent backup administration. When rapid virtualization led to growing backup windows and IT support costs, College Boreal turned to Dell’s IDPA, which dramatically improved backup speeds and efficiency. As a result, backup times were slashed from five hours to two hours, data deduplication reduced backup storage from 20.5TB to 95.7GB – with a compression factor of 219 percent, and power consumption costs also decreased significantly.

“The Dell IDPA provides one stop for easy-to-use, reliable and high-speed backup. That’s invaluable to us. We were up and running with little to no effort and our numbers seem unbelievable! Our nightly backup window completes in half the time. We can’t feed data fast enough to the IDPAs.” – Benoit Bonin, IT director at College Boreal

Presidio and Dell’s Data Protection…Better Together

Presidio is a premium provider of digital transformation solutions deployed in a multi-cloud world as a service. They realized significant performance improvements for their customer base by relying on Dell IDPA. With IDPA, Presidio witnessed customers cut down their backup and restore times by up to 20x, and realize deduplication ratios ranging from 30x to 60x.

“We have been part of the Dell family for more than 14 years. Dell provides our customers with a full array of datacenter products that our customers take advantage of. Dell’s products, combined with Presidio’s architects, professional, and managed services make for a very smooth implementation. Customers are looking for solutions that are very easy to install and very easy to manage, and we have found that Dell delivers on this promise with IDPA.” – Raphael Meyerowitz, Vice President, Office of the CTO, Presidio

Continued Innovation

Given the needs of our customers are constantly changing, we’re constantly innovating to meet those needs. In fact, we’ve announced new enhancements to our appliance portfolio. We’ve expanded the ecosystem for long-term retention in the cloud with Cloud Tier, Cloud Disaster Recovery, and in-cloud data protection with Data Domain Virtual Edition, as well as more virtualized environments and more platforms. We also enable more efficient capacity management for customers expanding to the cloud with Cloud Tier, with a free estimator tool. And, we now make it simpler to manage all your data protection appliances – on-premises and cloud – all from a single UI.

Our appliances also offer enhanced performance for Instant Access / Instant Restore, as well as faster restores from on-premises appliances and faster recovery from the cloud, enabling our customers to meet more stringent SLAs. And, we have made it easier for mid-size organizations and remote offices to attain enterprise-level data protection at a lower cost-to-protect with more capacity, networking and backup options for our Data Domain DD3300 appliance designed specifically for those markets.

To learn more about the latest enhancements to Dell appliances, please view:

Having confidence that all of your data is protected is essential to everyone working in IT today. Dell data protection’s continued innovation provides that confidence whether your data is in virtual, physical or cloud environments. Dell Data Domain and IDPA provide you with simply powerful data protection at the lowest cost-to-protect,

To learn more about Dell’s Data Domain or IDPA check us out on the web or talk with your Dell Sales Rep.

[i] IDC WW PBBA Tracker, Q3, December 20, 2018 (Based on Dell market share for the last 4 quarters for World Wide Purpose Built Backup Appliances of 59.2%)

About the Author: Beth Phalen

Beth Phalen is President and GM of the Data Protection Division at Dell EMC. She is responsible for the data protection portfolio that includes Data Protection Suite, Integrated Data Protection Appliance, Recoverpoint and Data Domain. Beth is responsible for leading a global team to deliver Dell EMC’s industry leading data protection portfolio to customers worldwide. In this capacity she oversees the engineering marketing and product management teams, drives the portfolio strategy and works closely with sales and global services to ensure successful end to end execution of the business.