Co-innovate to Succeed in the 5G Era (and Beyond)

Tomorrow’s leaders are already staking their claim in telecom’s open future.

The importance of reliable, resilient and secure networks has been brought into sharp focus in recent years. As network usage continues to skyrocket, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) must adapt to this sustained demand at a time when the industry requires new capabilities and services to improve the bottom line. Spurred on by the rollout of 5G, the proliferation of edge computing and the creation of a new breed of open networks, the future of telecommunications is looking increasingly bright.

But there is work still to be done before CSPs can truly capitalize on what is shaping up to be a once in a decade opportunity to capture new revenue streams. The complexity of open network architectures is new territory for everyone. And those without the expertise, technology and resources to capture the potential of 5G, and what comes after, could be left behind.

Vendor lock-in gives way to new, dynamic strategic partnerships

The good news is that CSPs now have more freedom than ever before to access valuable strategic partnerships made up of best of class technologies through a growing multi-vendor marketplace and enable a host of exciting new use cases. Dell Technologies is committed to supporting all stakeholders in telecoms’ future, and has created a purpose-built program to accelerate progress through co-innovation.

Dell Technologies’ Telecom Systems Business Strategic Alliances is comprised of industry experts who initiate and manage close relationships with key partners and Dell Technologies to drive new revenue streams for our partners. From initial ideation through all stages of co-innovation, Strategic Alliances fosters an ecosystem through access to specialist telecom labs, technical teams, and the vast resources offered by Dell Technologies.

Fast track solution development through co-innovation

Let’s say a CSP is looking for an Open RAN solution running on COTs architectures and supported by a suite of automation tools. The Strategic Alliances team can engage Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) that offer similar or complementary solutions and build a new offering that meets specific operational and business requirements.

The Strategic Alliances team can also call on the help of wider Dell Technologies resources to test, certify and develop a ready-to-deploy solution out of one of our hardware manufacturing facilities.  Historically, deployable solutions of this kind would have been integrated at a customer or third-party site. By working with Strategic Alliances, this process can now take place off the production line.

Depending on the size of your business, the Strategic Alliances team can work with partners directly in their labs, or organize the use of the new state-of-the-art Dell Technologies Open Telcom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL). In doing so, our partners will know that their solution has been tested in a vendor-neutral lab that emulates the CSP production environments with configurations that have been validated and assured to function as intended in live networks.

But why stop there?

Strategic Alliances works with each partner to identify further opportunities for co-innovation, calling on the strength of the Dell Technologies telecom partner ecosystem. That could involve creating more certified solutions in OTEL, or developing a new managed solution hosted by Dell Technologies and sold as-a-service.

If you’re interested in co-innovation solutions from the ground up, from ideation to launch and post-launch sales support, our team can connect you with our Solutions Co-Creation Services (SCS). If your business meets the appropriate criteria, we can connect you with the Telecom Co-Innovation Expert Center (TCEC), which specializes in working with select CSPs to tackle telecom’s toughest challenges and drive industry-wide progress.

Whatever your requirements, the Telecom Systems Business Strategic Alliances experts can connect you with the specialists and resources you need to monetize your next-gen 5G technologies.

Tomorrow’s leaders are already staking their claim in telecom’s open future

The actions CSPs take today will determine who emerges as market leaders for years to come. The demand for innovative new services is only increasing and the race to build and deliver those services is well underway. Through co-innovation, the Strategic Alliances team is ensuring a more efficient rollout of next generation telecom solutions, bringing together best-in-class partners and cutting-edge lab facilities.

If you’d like to fast track the development of 5G solutions, unravel the complexities of open networking and more, speak to one of our experts today.

About the Author: Brenda Boehm