Come and Get Your Windows Server 2008

We have been working closely with Microsoft for over two years on Windows Server 2008, and you will soon be able to get your hands on it.  Windows Server 2008 is a major milestone. We’ve done a lot of work with it to make sure it runs greener on Dell servers, combining the most flexibility with superior ease of use for our customers.   We think you’ll find Windows Server 2008 to be a feature rich product.

Were going to start shipping English language versions of Windows Server 2008 to customers in North America a week from today – Friday April 11. On Monday April 14, they will be available in Europe and Asia/Pacific/Japan. To streamline your installation it can be ordered pre-installed on Dell PowerEdge servers. FWIW, this includes all editions, from the Web Server Edition to the Datacenter Edition.  All orders are tested, validated,  and pre-installed across our PowerEdge server line to meet your requirements.

We have lots of experience with Windows Server 2008, and we can help you use it to simplify your IT operations. Our validated and repeatable migration services were built upon our Longhorn Early Adopter Program (LEAP).  This link takes you to a page of case studies so you can read how others have worked with us on this program.  Our goal, as always is to make the process of migration as straightforward as possible.

About the Author: Jeff S. Johnson