Communications Service Providers: Make Your Infrastructures Future Ready

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We had a very exciting Dell World in Austin, bringing together customers and partners from a wide range of industries globally, including service providers and enterprises. We had great conversations around key issues facing the industry, sharing perspectives on how we can jointly enable the digital transformation.

Miniaturization of compute along with declining costs is enabling the practical applications and use cases for Internet of things. Data is pervasive and growing exponentially and we must find ways to analyze and derive value from it for the collective good of humanity and organizations. Scale and efficiency in computing are becoming more critical than ever before. Service providers and enterprises are looking for cost-effective infrastructure solutions that can meet their growing need to deliver services and applications on demand. The industry is seeing emergence of new business models, processes and competitors, as well as a seismic shift in buyers’ behavior. The pursuit of efficiency is forcing organizational redesign and operations technology is merging with IT to achieve scale and flexibility. While there are several points of view out there in the industry, at the core of all this is an architectural choice we must make. At Dell, we believe this architecture needs to be one that is compute centric and software defined and has design tenets anchored on being open, integrated, scalable and automated.  

Evolution occurs in steps and not all at once. Back in 2012, when Dell first entered the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market, we recognized that we were standing on the shoulders of giants, but equally that we had so much in terms of value and efficiencies to drive for our customers in the space.  Dell has helped its customers realize value all along their path to this compute centric platform. Whether they are looking for converged integrated solutions optimized for a large variety of applications, or wanting to deploy massive hyper-scale data centers such as service providers and carriers, Dell has the solution so they can be future ready while reducing operational costs and complexity.

At the Telecommunications Industry Association’s most recent CTO council meeting, held just prior to Dell World, industry leaders and the builders of the networks from Ericsson, Intel, Juniper and Dell talked about the future for Telecom and IoT.  These leaders focused on the benefits of standardization, and the agility that an open source ecosystems affords the industry as a whole.  All areas that Dell can and will make an impact on. 

Carrier service providers  like British Telecom, GTD Group in Chile and Telefonica  have experience of working with Dell to deliver innovative IT solutions, but the carrier space also works with us in the global effort to merge  their operations technology and IT to realize efficiencies and the benefits of scalable and open architectures.

Dell has industry leadership in this space, having architected and deployed some of the largest data centers, service provider and web-scale infrastructures globally. We recently announced our intent to acquire EMC, which will further extend our capabilities in this space. We see a tremendous opportunity in the Telecom carrier and service providers as they are looking to solve similar problems to the ones that Dell has been helping enterprises over several years. We stand unique among our peers in the industry with our embrace of truly open architectures that help service providers and carriers inject innovation into the infrastructure eco system and give them the choice of stacks most suitable for their environments. We have been investing in building carrier specific capabilities for more than five years and are committed to bringing best of breed solutions and a scalable, compute centric and software defined architecture for the carriers to build a modern network on. In addition, we have been building an ecosystem of partners for choice and flexibility.

We are looking forward to the exciting opportunities with the service providers and enable them to get future ready!

About the Author: Joelle Coghlan

Topics in this article