Community Engagement: Connect More to Get More [Infographic]

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Since becoming more involved with the EMC Support Community, Ask the Expert, and EMC Elect over the past year, I’ve been amazed by the passion of our online community. The time and energy you – our customers, partners, and employees – dedicate to helping your peers is truly remarkable and something to be celebrated.

Some of you know me from my "behind the scenes" work on these platforms and programs. I’m on my own personal journey to get out there and engage more, and you inspire me every day!

To help share your story, there’s a new EMC infographic all about community participation (including a shout-out to the rock-stars in EMC Elect 2013). Help spread the message and encourage more people to join us on ECN.

In the spirit of what this is all about, I’d love to hear the stories of why you participate in the online, social EMC community. Have you experienced the benefits outlined here? Any we missed highlighting, or that you think we need to work on developing? Comments are welcome. Enjoy!

Stephanie McBride

Global Services Marketing

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