Pushing Through the Hype and Handwringing of IoT

It always feels great to win an award. But we are especially proud when we’re recognized for our work with customers. Today at CES 2016, Compass Intelligence announced Dell as their IoT Customer Enhancement Company of the Year. This award is to recognize companies that contributed to increasing quality, value and overall benefits that directly provide growth to the customer experience, enhancement, and usefulness of IoT solutions.

We dedicate this award to the more than 150 customers actively working with us on IoT proof of concept projects. This group is pushing through the hype and handwringing to start harvesting the potential of IoT. 

With plenty of experimentation, we are building secure IoT solutions that enable analytics-driven action. Customers like ELM Energy, who is working with Dell to install localized analytics capabilities alongside its energy management devices. Their FieldSight Microgrid Monitoring and Control solution “optimizes and balances power generation by automatically maximizing the use of renewables.” KMC Controls earned their own award for Best Intelligent Building Technology Innovation at Realcomm IBCon for their KMC Commander product, also based on our new edge gateways. We’ve integrated IoT technologies into our own solutions with SupportAssist, our 24/7 proactive and predictive support services offering and shared in our team members’ passions through our Internet of Bees colony at our IoT Lab in Limerick.

We’ve learned over this past year that communities matter in the still-emergent technology area of IoT. We recently shared that Dell helped create the Open Fog Consortium to help “seamlessly leverage cloud and edge architectures to enable end-to-end IoT scenarios.”  We’ve also just joined the Thread Group, as we’ve seen interest in this organization from our partners and SMB customers.  We are developing our own partner community as well, as we have concluded that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and System Integrators are critical connections to help bridge the OT/IT divide.  

If you are attending #CES2016 as well, my colleague Jason Shepherd and I would love to meet you tomorrow, Friday morning, at a panel discussion on the Internet of ‘Work’ Things.  We’ll be discussing how the latest IoT products and solutions will make the workplace a smart efficient and fun place for modern workers. 

If you are avoiding the madness of CES this year, you can follow us at @DellOEM and our LinkedIn site. And if you are looking for an award yourself – we invite you to participate in our IoT contest, Connect What Matters

About the Author: Kirsten Billhardt