Conquer the Data Deluge with New Dell Isilon Innovations

Verticals like automotive, life sciences and media and entertainment have been experiencing data growth for years. This growth is now expanding across multiple organizations because of the need to drive next-generation workloads like data analytics and artificial intelligence, as well as cloud native applications. There is also the need to run these workloads on premises or in the cloud. These are all adding to the struggles of data growth.

This is where Dell Isilon excels. As the undisputed leader in the unstructured data market, we continue to simplify unstructured storage and empower our new and existing customers by consistently addressing their needs through innovation. We are excited to deliver on the investments we are making with scale, management, flexibility, performance, and getting the most out of the technology.

At Dell Technologies World we announced a new version of the Dell Isilon OneFS operating system that is continuing to provide the answers to organization’s struggles with data deluge and the impact it has on IT. Isilon OneFS 8.2 enables organizations to grow their Isilon cluster up to 252 nodes, increase performance up to 75% and allows you to continue to manage this under a single namespace. It is simplicity at scale.

Isilon scale-out NAS solutions powered by OneFS 8.2 are an ideal choice for next-generation workloads that require enormous capacity and performance because we reduce the complexity. We enable you to consolidate your data without compromising the business and allow you to focus on the performance that is needed for the workload or the applications. All of this while managing petabytes of data as if you were managing terabytes of data. This is why we are the industry leader in the unstructured data market.

We do this through our single namespace. A file system that grows simply and easily without additional resources. What do I mean by that? Think of a single file system with let’s say, 120 TB of capacity. This may be suitable for your workloads now, but in 6 months, the amount of data increases and you need more space. In minutes, you can simply add another node and you have more space and performance in a single file system. No need for configuration changes. You need more space in 6 more months, the process doesn’t change. The file system grows, and the applications are not impacted. Now continue this up to 58 PB. That is what Isilon OneFS 8.2 brings to the table.

Why is this important to you? When it comes down to it, the business should be focusing on the data, the applications, and the workloads. It should not be focusing on additional configurations, lack of performance, or limiting your scaling capabilities. You should not change how IT works, just because the data is growing. Isilon grows with your workloads and no additional configuration or resources are needed.

With Isilon OneFS 8.2, now supporting up to 252 nodes in a single Isilon cluster – 75% more than the previous limit of 144 nodes, Isilon customers can gain massive scalability in capacity and performance reaching 58 PB capacity per cluster and 945 GB/s aggregate throughput per cluster.

We made a few additional changes around security. We added multi-factor authentication for increased security of the clusters and tighter access control for SSH. We added SyncIQ encryption for protecting data in flight during inter-cluster replication and now data transfers between OneFS clusters are secure. We also implemented HDFS Transport Data Encryption so when you are deploying Hadoop as a platform, you can ensure your data is encrypted at rest and in motion.

And you cannot forget our multi-cloud enhancements. Isilon customers already lower their storage costs by transparently and seamlessly tiering infrequently accessed cold or frozen files to a variety of public and private cloud services. Isilon OneFS 8.2 with CloudPools software, now delivers even more flexibility with support for a range of additional cloud providers (to our previous Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure support) including Alibaba Aliyun and Amazon cloud for Federal Commercial Cloud Services (C2S). OneFS 8.2 and CloudPools also help organizations simplify cloud storage and data management with seamless integration with Isilon SnapshotIQ, SmartQuotas and SmartLock software.

But we didn’t stop there, we also introduced Isilon H5600. It is an ideal choice for next-generation workloads that require enormous capacity and performance. With a highly dense and efficient hybrid storage design that combines four Isilon nodes in a single 4U deep chassis, the Isilon H5600 provides massive capacity and throughput performance. It stores up to 800 TB with 80 SATA drives in a single 4U chassis, scales to over 50 PB in a single cluster and delivers up to 8 GB/s throughput per chassis. You can use 40% fewer nodes and rack units to get the same capacity target. Normally when you increase capacity density, you lose performance to achieve the same overall capacity target, but not with Isilon H5600. For example, in media and entertainment, you can now support one 4k uncompressed media stream per node.

Isilon OneFS 8.2 and the Isilon H5600 enable organizations to support demanding workloads with massive capacity and performance along with a highly efficient, dense data storage solution to help organizations shrink their data center footprint and lower costs. Even more important, these new Isilon products help our customers advance their Digital Future and manage massive amounts of data, while accelerating the ability of business to unlock the value of their data capital.

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About the Author: Erin K. Banks

Erin K. Banks is a Product Marketing Director in the Telco Systems Business at Dell Technologies. Previously she was the Director of Product Marketing for the Unstructured Data Solutions group as well as the Messaging Director for Security Transformation at Dell Technologies.  She has been in the IT industry for almost 20 years, previously working at Dell EMC as Portfolio Marketing Director for Data Analytics. She has also worked at Juniper Networks in Technical Marketing for the Security Business Unit and VMware and EMC as an SE in the Federal Division, focused on Virtualization and Security. She holds both CISSP and CISA accreditations. Erin has a BS in Electrical Engineering and is an author, blogger, and on the board for Our SAM Foundation.