Construct Your IT Modernization Strategy with Pieces That Fit

Not utilizing Validated Designs is like trying to complete a building block set without any instructions.

When my son was younger, he had an unquenchable thirst for LEGO blocks®. Whether it was when he was sick, a gift for his birthday, or every holiday, he always asked for them. He even has the state capital and space shuttle sets. Interestingly, he always kept the directions. One day, I asked him, “why do you keep the directions?” He said just in case he wanted to build something the “right” way, he would always have them.

It made me think that LEGO sets are very much like Dell Validated Designs. Validated Designs are proven solutions that help customers build with confidence, get to market faster and enable business without boundaries. They are pre-tested and integrated configurations, designed from the start to dynamically fit needs based on specific use cases.

Can you imagine someone trying to build the state capital set without directions? Like the directions that come with such sets, Validated Designs provide organizations the confidence of knowing all the components, hardware and software fit together to deliver the outcome they desire.

LEGO set designers start with individual elements or components that they then use to design a kit to the desired specifications (like the 6,020 pieces of the Hogwarts Castle kit – yes, we have that too). The same is true for Validated Designs. Validated Designs are designed, built, stringently tested and verified by Dell Engineering, and our solution partners, to help take the time and guesswork out of deploying new solutions.

Pre-tested and integrated configurations dynamically fitting your needs include:

Deriving value from your data – quickly and simply – while protecting and securing data assets with Validated Designs for Analytics.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been doing AI, ML and DL for some time, Dell Technologies can help you capitalize on the latest technological advances, making AI simpler, speeding time to insights with proven Validated Designs for Artificial Intelligence.

Dell Validated Designs for SAP, Oracle and Microsoft data platforms, including SQL Server, make sure your workforce has everything they need to succeed by giving you high performance and availability from the business applications you rely on. They also provide an efficient IT environment that shaves costs, simplifies management and maintenance and speeds time to productivity. ​

Dell Technologies is working to democratize access to HPC, enabling small and medium enterprises to accelerate adoption with our Dell Validated Designs for HPC.

Validated Designs for VDI can deliver real workforce transformation, enabling employees to be productive on their own terms, without compromising on performance, productivity, or security.

Are you looking to achieve flexibility and scalability? Digital innovation? Workforce automation? When it comes down to it, not utilizing Validated Designs is a lot like trying to build the LEGO Hogwarts Castle set without directions. Validated Designs can provide your organization with the tools and confidence to an IT modernization strategy that fits your business goals. Visit our Validated Designs solutions site to learn more.

Tena Krouse

About the Author: Tena Krouse

Tena creates relatable stories that bring the impact of technology to life as part of Dell’s Infrastructure Services Group (ISG). She has over 25 years of marketing experience in technology and the financial services industry in go-to-market execution, branding, messaging and strategic planning. Prior to joining the Dell family, Tena led numerous marketing campaigns for a large insurance organization and ran her own marketing consulting firm. When not working to help Dell reach its goals, she enjoys all things outdoors, sports, volunteering in her community and cooking with her family in Richmond, Virginia.