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 Renew, reduce, recycle.  These three words represent the Dell Imaging Group’s commitment to environmental responsibility. It's been a while since we talked about our efforts to be a leader in green printing solutions, so here's a little update.

We are dedicated to realizing the possibilities of environmentally conscious products and services, and finding new ways to make “going green” easier, more efficient and more cost effective for our customers.  These efforts span from product design to manufacturing to end-of-life management; our ultimate goal is to deliver practical, environmentally responsible green ideas, products and a better printing experience for our customers every day.

As an end-to-end solutions provider, we focus our green initiatives across numerous platforms:

  • Developing environmentally conscious products that work hard for customers while saving energy consumption and conserving scarce resources
  • Innovative packaging solutions on select products that help minimize waste and promote a healthier environment
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle through various company-wide programs
  • Striving to reduce our own footprint with improvements made towards sustainable operations

 Our laser/LED printers are designed to be energy efficient while keeping and enhancing the printing performance our customers need.  Users will save time and power with the quick warm-up feature on select mono printers that start printing right out of an energy-saving standby mode and many of our laser printers are ENERGY STAR version 1.1. qualified with power-saving features. Select Dell color laser toners feature emulsion-aggregation toner (EA) ECO technology, enabling less energy consumption during the fusing process compared to mechanically produced toner.

As a result of our environmentally conscious design features, the majority of our printers have received Germany’s Blue Angel Certification – RAL-UZ 122 for:

  • Minimizing pollutant impact on indoor air quality
  • Low energy consumption in idle modes for enhanced climate protection
  • Low-noise operation that does not interfere with user concentration
  • Uses recycled paper
  • Duplex unit available for double-sided printing on high-end appliances

Our products are not merely green by design, however.  Dell is committed to finding ways to reduce the usage of halogen materials and raise awareness around the impact they are having on our environment.  We encourage our vendors to use recycled materials in the outer box carton of our printers, and publish Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Data Sheets for our printers and toners.  Packaging solutions can also promote a healthier environment, which is why we encourage our vendors to use recycled materials in the outer box carton of our printers, and produce ink and toner cartridge cartons that are accepted for recycling.

Free printer and ink cartridge recycling, asset recovery services and the “Plant a Tree” program are a sampling of our initiatives that help consumers and business make a difference to the environment. Customers looking to upgrade their old printer fleets can take advantage of Dell’s printer trade-in program that will recycle old printers (even from competitor models) while offer discounts on new hardware.

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Topics in this article