Conversations About Personal Technology: Your Blog

Today, we're unveiling a new blog. This one's about personal technology. It's more focused on categories of interest rather than Dell-specific things.  We hope that it's a mashup that's a little bit Community + Lifehacker + ReadWriteWeb + Gamespy. Take a look at John Pope's intro post for more context.

It's clear to us that our customers don't think in terms of brand names or initiatives that are important to us. Instead, most folks tend to think in terms of what they want to use a machine for: surfing the Web, streaming HD content, sending e-mails, playing games, creating movies, etc. 

If you care to check out the blog, go to:

We will have blog posts from Dell employees who have something to say about certain topic areas, but the folks behind it really hope that you use it to shape discussions you want to have with us. That's why we featured the Idea Submission section at the top right corner of the page. Beyond that, we hope that some of you out there would like to author a blog post or two.

I expect there will be some overlap between Your Blog and Direct2Dell. You will see product details that apply to certain topic areas there. Blog posts about technical support will continue to reside here on Direct2Dell, since so much of its heritage is based on customer service.

You can find Your Blog here and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed here.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca