Countdown to Dell World 2013 Begins (Series 2)

Dell World’s general sessions aim to give attendees the tools to learn IT’s changing landscape. They cover the business and technology topics our customers care about: convergence, cloud, mobile computing, data management, virtualization and security. And our popular interactive sessions give attendees the opportunity to experience Dell’s innovations firsthand, and to talk to the actual people who design and build the technology.

Today, we’d like to spotlight a few sessions available to you at Dell World.

Harnessing Productivity in Your Evolving Workforce – MT1

Mobile technologies will be a major topic at Dell World. As they create better ways of working, they’re also changing the way people behave in their personal lives to communicate, shop and look up information on an anytime, anywhere basis. Dell has a unique strategy on helping companies optimize the BYOD phenomenon. Read more>

Hands-on with the new Dell Wyse Cloud Connect (“Project Ophelia”) – HOL1

At this much-anticipated lab you can witness the power of this new cloud access device, a portable USB tool that turns practically any display into a personal computer. Read more>

Enabling a multi-cloud reality: Managing the new breed of applications – MT 10

The cloud can increase agility, efficiency and service quality. Dell World’s sessions will explore how cloud computing can drive business benefits by reducing costs, lowering risk and increasing revenue.
Read more>

Maximizing return on information – MT18

Big data doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge. If managed well, it can empower businesses to become smarter and more efficient than ever. Dell’s General Manager, Information Management Matt Wolken details four key best practices organizations can employ to become a data-driven business and gain a competitive edge. Read more>

About the Author: Kevin Curry