Creating Safer, Smarter Environments with Intelligent Video Analysis

New Dell EMC Ready Solution uses intelligent analytics with video streams to improve customer experience across a wide range of industries.

Artificial intelligence capabilities have opened a whole new world of possibilities for analyzing video feeds in real time. With AI, your organization can gain immediate benefits from monitoring video feeds to help improve customer service, operational efficiency, health and safety, and much more.

That’s all the upside, of course. On the flip side, there are the challenges that come with operating AI systems at the edge and at scale. Many struggle with the breadth of labeled input data and the data science to train deep learning models for video analysis. Teams also need experience and deep application knowledge to find the right hardware, software and media processing algorithms for a robust solution.

How do you get there? Look to Dell Technologies. Through a partnership with Deep Vision, an IntelliSite™ company, a new Ready Solution for AI has been engineering-tested and validated for intelligent video analytics at the edge.

This groundbreaking solution enables your organization to use AI with pre-trained models to create safer and smarter work, play and living environments — sooner, rather than later, and with better results. It offers an easy path forward for retail, healthcare, manufacturing and other organizations that want to use video technologies to protect health and safety — and improve customer experiences.

This solution is based on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and the Deep Vision AI computer vision software. It’s designed to perform video transcoding and deep learning inference within an edge‑deployable solution. Solutions can be built on a wide range of server options to help you find your ideal balance of compute, memory and GPU performance, all at the right cost.

Getting started

With the combined products and solutions expertise of Dell Technologies and Deep Vision, you now have the foundation to deploy AI for video analysis at the edge more easily and with less risk than you would face if you built a solution from scratch.

To further speed deployment and reduce risk, Dell Technologies experts are available to help you design a solution tailored to your specific needs. You also have the assurance of knowing that Dell Technologies Services — ranging from consulting and education to deployment and support — are available when and where you need them.

Ready for a deeper dive?

For a close-up look at this new solution, read “Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: Safer and Smarter Environments with Intelligent Video Analysis.” This document outlines configuration options and details, possible use cases, technical considerations, and deployment and management steps. It demonstrates how you can deploy a solution on a fast-track schedule with lower risks and costs than by using a do‑it‑yourself approach. We can help design a custom solution just right for your environment. Dive deeper in this ebook: Smarter, Safer Cities: Improving Public Safety in the age of AI and IoT.

About the Author: Janet Morss

Janet Morss previously worked at Dell Technologies, specializing in  machine learning (ML) and high performance computing (HPC) product marketing.