Creating Space for a Changing Workforce, Part 3

As a leader in technology and innovation, we’re changing how people work together. We recently told you about the exciting renovations made to our dining and office spaces as part of a 3-part series. Now, our 3rd addition includes revamping the very spaces we do some of our most important collaborative work: meeting spaces.

What does the future of collaboration look like? Is it virtual face-to-face meetings, better technology, more intuitive meeting spaces?

With four generations in today’s workforce, the way people work is rapidly changing. Studies show that each generation has specific needs, and all of them desire flexibility. Using innovative tech solutions, we’re enabling today’s multi-generational workforce to work in ways that work best for them. Simply put, we’re empowering people to work better together.

So, welcome to the future of collaboration. It’s carefully shaped around the flexible needs of today’s workforce, giving them the best tools for seamless, intuitive work experiences.

Innovated Space for a Flexible Workforce

Meetings don’t always look the same. Our renovations encourage formal or informal meetings to happen anywhere, at any time. Take a walk around any building and you’ll see the variety in meeting room sizes from private two-person cubbies to spacious 12 or 20-person rooms. If sitting through a long meeting is not your thing, standing rooms with high tables abound.

New rooms have soundproof glass walls that keep conversations private but also allow natural light to come in. A frosted pane is placed strategically at eye-level so that you have enough transparency to see out, but not in. Even the carpet has acoustic absorption properties.

Plus, a whole new set of ad-hoc spaces have sprouted: long booths and quick, getaway nooks make impromptu-meetings easier than ever. On the flip side, having fewer bookable rooms means more choices to claim a space for your meeting on the fly.

Global Workplace Strategist Dawn Longacre knows the importance of work environments that inspire top talent to stick around.

There was a workforce study done by Dell a couple years ago that showed people would leave a company if the technology was inferior.”

You spoke, and we listened. “People are geeking out that they can go into a meeting room that expects them. They can look on the Dell digital display and it says what meeting is coming up. You push a button and it starts your meeting. People are like, this is amazing!”

Our intuitive tech welcomes you ahead of your meeting—the small screens you see beside each door synchronizes with the room’s monitors to display a ‘Welcome’ message with the name and time of your meeting. So whatever your work-style– remote or in-office– there’s a space for you.

Upgraded Technology

It’s time to say goodbye to old-school conferencing. We’ve simplified connecting to monitors and upgraded the audio systems for smoother, faster meetings. And we’ve made it easier to share content across multiple displays.

Enjoy brilliant images in 4K resolution with colors that are consistent across the entire screen no matter where you’re in the room. Up to 20 points of touch interactivity on anti-smudge screens are available.

With mobile work on the rise, face-to-face communication is crucial. Dennis Sanders, a Sr. Manager of Unified Communications & Collaboration, explains, “What we know about video conferencing, is that it helps build trust faster.” With seamless connection, you’re able to collaborate with workers around the world.

Some rooms feature camera-tracking tech that focuses the camera on the speaker. If someone writes on the whiteboards, the camera will change focus to the whiteboard so that even those attending meetings online can be included every step along the way. And for the uber-whiteboarders, the strategically placed film and glass walls mentioned earlier also double as extended writable space.

Scheduling tablets beside each door provide a visual display of the availability for that meeting room, so you can quickly see what’s going on any time of the day. With the power of technology, we’re helping everyone collaborate in smarter ways.

Transforming the Way We Work

Every element has been carefully researched and designed. We’re making these changes to meet the needs of a transforming workforce and build for the future. And the future is here.

So get curious and find the space that inspires you to do your best work, where and when you need it. All these innovations come together beautifully so that you can work at full-speed, together.

About the Author: Paula Horstman

Paula Horstman is a copywriter living in Austin, TX. She works with the Commercial Content Studio at Dell Blue creating social media focused content.