Customer interview with PCL construction

PCL Construction in Edmonton is one of the largest construction companies in North America – and they are employee owned, which means employees there are always looking for ways to be more efficient.

They became EqualLogic customers 3 years ago after having been a Fibre Channel shop prior to that. They can run everything they need to on Dell EqualLogic storage and like the ease of use and flexibility that our advanced virtualization architecture gives them. This previous video  has Derek Knox from PCL talking about doing live data migrations between storage systems during the middle of production operations.

In this video, Derek and David Howse talk about the simplicity of using Dell EqualLogic storage and SRM. Derek talks about how they get performance equal to that of their Fibre Channel SANs. Some of that comes from having a smart SAN infrastructure, but a lot comes from the design of EqualLogic arrays. FWIW, most of the new systems they are buying today have SAS drives, to give them even more overhead for their high performance applications.

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