Customers ask… we deliver: Dell Compellent end-to-end enterprise solutions

  Posted on behalf of Brian Whitaker, Senior Marketing Manager for Compellent

How do technology vendors know when it’s time to deliver a new capability? There’s an easy answer to that question. Deliver the capability that customers ask for.

Over the year since Dell acquired Compellent, we’ve kept our ears open to our customers who want us to deliver value to Compellent. There are a few ways to do that:

  • Every technology vendor adds new features to their products over time. Compellent is no different – we’ve added eleven new capabilities in the past year.
  • Leverage partner technology. This is also expected and is normal for Dell as we’ve always had strong relationships with ‘best-in-breed’ technology vendors.
  • Take advantage of Dell’s unique intellectual property. We, here at Dell have a purposeful approach to strategic acquisitions of IP and investment in innovation.

At the recent Dell Storage Forum in London, we announced we were going to extend storage support for Dell and partner networking solutions. Today we’re following through with this commitment to deliver an end-to-end solution by making a better together story for Compellent that encompasses both our own storage networking technology and technology from partners. Going forward, we’ll fully support the following storage networking solutions:

  • Dell Force10 S4810
  • Brocade 6510
  • Brocade DCX-8510

These are additions to our list of tested, supported, fully compatible switches that extend Compellent’s reach into the enterprise. With full support for 10GbE and 16Gbps Fibre Channel, Dell Compellent is helping its customers optimize their core datacenter infrastructure. As they find Compellent’s distinctive capabilities an ideal fit for enterprise workloads, customers have wanted more choice in enterprise switching. Today we have delivered.

Going beyond conventional switches, we’ve also qualified a range of switches for our M1000e blade servers. By extending our options for Dell blade customers, we help those who want to use Compellent for private cloud or to create a ‘datacenter-in-a-rack’. These blade optimized switches include:

  • Dell 4/8Gb FC SAN Module
  • Dell M8428-k
  • Brocade M5424

By listening and delivering, we’re ensuring that Compellent remains a strong fit for any kind of customer, regardless of whether they prefer Dell’s own enterprise solutions or partner technology. As Compellent continues to develop over time, you’ll see more announcements where it’s become ‘better together’ with technology from other sources. For additional information, visit Compellent’s partner portal, contact your partner or Dell salesperson.

About the Author: Michelle Richard