Customers know best: Better data means better results

Increasingly, we’re seeing that more and more Dell customers are getting the results they’ve been looking for. Businesses, researchers, analysts and scientists are unlocking millions and millions of data sets from across a network of multiple entry points. All of these organizations implemented the Dell Big Data & Analytics solutions that made it easy to turn all of their raw data into better decisions that helped them achieve better results.

Like turning a 3-second search into millions of dollars in savings per year that streamlined their supply chain management. Or knowing how to unsnarl traffic jams with real-time transportation analysis that helped commuters in their city get home just that much faster. 

In this infographic, we looked into the results that some of the Dell Big Data & Analytics customers are realizing. What they are seeing is that with advanced analytics and managements systems that allow them to easily control any of the data sets they choose, they end up impacting more than their own bottom line. They are able to deliver better solutions that are benefiting the daily lives of their communities, helping to save lives locally and globally, as well as bringing families together with shorter commute times.

Dell Big Data & Analytics helped these customers realize the importance of having complete access to ALL the data they’ve ever collected. By analyzing, quantifying, and integrating this information, these customers could turn data into decisions faster, like delivering financial modeling 50% faster.

Make better, data-driven decisions.

With data emerging as the new currency that’s freely traded across all enterprises, locations and organizations, we understand how important it is to find the right solutions provider that helps our customer to invest wisely.

With Dell Big Data and Analytics, we help customers make sure they have the future-ready infrastructure they need to deliver the deepest, most accurate insights possible with a complete set of BDA solutions:

Our customers across all sectors and geographies are coming to the realization that what happens in their IT ends up happening in their business. Sounds simplistic, but then, we understand the problem, and we know that big data means big results.

About the Author: Scott Horst