Data-Driven Nielsen Talks Business Agility, IT and Data Protection

“Firms that lead the change, create new value for their customers, and capture new value for their customers, and capture new sources of competitive advantage do so because they recognize early on that the playing field is changing and that first movers stand to gain advantage that can last years and even decades.” — NirajDawar, author of
“Tilt: Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Customers”

No one ever said innovating would be easy, but data-driven Nielsen is doing it. They see the business value of IT and data protection, and are looking to them to meet customer requirements and create revenue streams.

Hear what Alex Patent, VP Global Infrastructure Architecture, has to say about agility, availability and being a data-driven company, and what technology means to its business and its clients in this short video. Clearly, Nielsen has found its center of gravity.

About the Author: Heidi Biggar