Day One of GiTEX Technology Week — DJ Moe for Dell Lounge

In case you missed my preview post about GiTEX Technology Week 2008, but here’s my wrap up from the first day of the show. Trying to beat the road traffic to get to your point of destination is a hassle, but never the less I made it to the trade centre on time.

I was amazed with the way the Dell Lounge was set-up over two floors, well spaced and everybody at their station ready to work. I met my video guy’s Toby and Nick and sat down and discussed what we need to do for the day. We kicked it off with an intro to GiTEX from the Dell Lounge before checking out the hottest gadgets and the T3 Gadget Glam show.

One of the highlights of yesterday’s opening of GiTEX was Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai’s visit to the showroom and more specifically, when he took the time to meet with Dell’s Pim Dale, Michael Tatelman and John Coulston and also look at Dell products.

GiTEX Day 1

If you don’t know Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler if Dubai, he is a well grounded man, kind and generous and he always takes the time to come and check out every event, large or small, that takes place in Dubai.

I was amazed by the amount of stands this year and how many entrepreneurs have stands. Later today I’m going to be interviewing some of those companies and I’m also looking forward to doing the daily prize draw for a Dell Inspiron laptop from the Dell stand. I’m very jealous. I can’t actually put my business card in for the draw.

I had an amazing time yesterday with the guys filming, with the interviews. It was very informative, people were smiling. I didn’t sense at all that I was imposing or getting in anybody’s way. Everyone was kind enough to explain their products and I’m looking forward to more interviews today. Check out the vlog from day one.

Now onto the second day of GiTEX which is Microsoft Enterprise day. So we’re filming from the Microsoft stand later and I’m filming James Quarles and Robin Kuepers who are making an announcement today at midday on the Dell stand.

We’ll keep you posted.

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