Decode our new EMC Isilon nodes: S210 and X410

[Editor’s note: Two corrections about the number of serial ports and the front panel light were made to the original Decode the Node videos published on 7/31, and both videos were republished on 8/18 and 8/19. This article was updated to include links to the latest videos.]

Earlier this month, we announced the availability of two next generation EMC® Isilon® nodes: the S210 node for ultra-fast primary storage and high IOPS applications, and the X410 node to handle high-concurrent and sequential-throughput applications.

To become better acquainted with these Isilon nodes, we have new videos where we decode the Isilon S210 node and the Isilon X410 node. Each video provides the node’s basic specifications, and shows you what all of the node’s components look like, inside and out, including:

  • Front of the node, with and without the front panel
  • Back of the node illustrating power supplies, power button, LEDs, and each connection port
  • Inside of the node

Wonder what’s inside the node?

We show you all the components located inside the node to satisfy your curiosity and increase your understanding about what makes the node run. We open the node for you, because the node must never be opened unless by an EMC certified Customer Support Engineer.

Sometimes node parts have to be replaced. For example, if EMC Isilon Technical Support determines that an external part has failed (such as a power supply, a hard drive, or the node’s front panel) and the node does not need to be opened, they will send a new part and you can replace the part yourself. If an internal node component fails (such as a PCIe card, DIMMs, or a fan) and the node needs to be opened, then only an EMC certified Customer Support Engineer may open the node to replace this type of component. You should never open the node and replace internal components yourself. Isilon Technical Support will schedule the replacement procedure for an internal part at your convenience.

For more information, watch the videos below.

Decode the Node: A Tour of the EMC Isilon S210

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Decode the Node: A Tour of the EMC Isilon X410

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To learn more about the S210 or X410 nodes, see the EMC Isilon S-Series spec sheet or the EMC Isilon X-Series spec sheet.

You can find the S210 node installation guide and X410 node installation guide on the ECN Isilon Community (login with an ECN Community account is required).  Or visit the EMC Online Support site for more X410 and S210 node documentation (login with EMC Online Support account is required).

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