Delivering Quantifiable Customer Value with Dell EMC VMware-Based HCI

Deploying Dell EMC VMware-based HCI provides a cost-effective and high-performing infrastructure foundation on which to run important business applications across distributed business environments. According to a recent IDC study, partners can help customers realize significant quantifiable value from these investments.

Many of the IT processes put in place to support business operations are challenged to meet the demands of a rapidly changing digital world. Inefficiencies not only impede your customers’ business growth, they also create barriers to the very innovation needed to compete in an environment of shifting business models. Providing customers with highly automated, software-defined infrastructure helps eliminate data center silos and support IT agility. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) enables your customers to transform and scale operations rapidly and efficiently by consolidating compute, network, and storage in a single software-defined solution.

How Can Partners Help Customers Realize Business Results with HCI?

The operational efficiency advantages of automated, software-defined infrastructure are well understood, but what’s the real business value of HCI to your customers? IDC surveyed organizations running various workloads on Dell EMC software-defined hyperconverged appliances to identify and quantify the business impact. IDC’s analysis demonstrates that investing in Dell EMC VMware-based HCI, including VxRail and VxRack SDDC, contributes to $4.89 million additional gross revenue per organization per year from better addressing business opportunities and reducing downtime. What does that mean for channel partners? The ability to deliver the real business results that strengthen customer relationships and establish more profitable long-term partnerships.

Top Benefits for Channel Partners

Faster time to revenue. Demonstrate a proven five-year ROI of 489% with Dell EMC VMware-based HCI to shorten the sales cycle and realize faster time to revenue.*

Fast-growing, margin-rich opportunity. HCI growth and business needs are driving rapid adoption of HCI solutions, with 85% of IT leaders indicating that their companies already use or plan to use HCI and 50% of current HCI users expected to expand their deployment.**

Opportunity for value-added services. Deliver value-added services that ensure the uptime and protection of business-critical applications, such as backup, archiving, and recovery services.

Top Benefits for Customers

Eliminate data center silos and support more agile IT. Consolidate separate silos of compute, network, and storage down to a single software-defined solution.

Increase efficiency. Help IT infrastructure and application development teams operate efficiently and productively with more reliable and agile IT infrastructures.

Minimize unplanned downtime. Reduce the impact of infrastructure-related outages on business operations by up to 90%.*

Realize significant business value. Deliver a total average annual value of $5.33 million per organization ($370,700 per 100 users) with an investment in Dell EMC VMware-based HCI.*

Get Started

Read the complete paper and prepare to talk to customers about the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure. Then share these snackable materials (social media kit and bite-size material) via social to drive awareness with your customers.

* IDC White Paper commissioned by Dell EMC, “Delivering Efficient Business Expansion with Dell EMC VMware-Based HCI, October 2018.  Actual results will vary .[include a link to report]

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About the Author: Pawel Pabich